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Functional English Specific Situations. What to say? When to say?

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1 Functional English Specific Situations

2 What to say? When to say?

3 A] Informal Greetings: Hi /Hello, How are you? When you meet someone you know Reply: Fine Thanks. And you? Not bad. How about you?

4 Formal Greeting How do you do? When you meet someone for the first time. Reply: Pleased to meet you. Or How do you do?

5 B] Formal Farewells ‘goodbye’ Nice to meet you Reply: Nice to meet you too

6 Informal Situation Bye. See you later ____ planned to meet Bye. See you soon _____ No Plans

7 Goodnight when you say goodbye to someone late at Night Have a nice weekend ___ to a colleague or a friend on Thursday afternoon Reply: Same to you

8 C] Happy Occasions & Celebrations - Happy Birthday - Happy New Year at the beginning of the year -

9 Say ------ Congratulations 1. To someone who has just passed an exam / got a job / got engaged Reply: Thank You

10 Say ----- Excuse me 1. To get someone’s attention 2. To tell others you want to leave the room. 3. When you want to get past someone e.g. a crowded place.

11 Sorry 1. To apologize 2. When you want someone to repeat what they have just said

12 Good Luck Before a difficult situation e.g a match an interview an exam a driving test

13 Hard Luck To someone who has not succeeded or After losing a match

14 Bless You To someone who sneezes Reply: Thank you

15 Welcome To greet guests to your house or Country

16 Bon appetite When people start eating, you can use the French expression.

17 Watch Out To warn someone in crossing the road about to drop something

18 Take Care 1. As Watch out 2. Informal greeting ‘bye’

19 I’ve no idea 1. Really you don’t know 2. Politely refuse to answer

20 Say 1. I’m in the dark 2. I didn’t catch it 3. I’m not following you If you don’t understand directions that someone gives you

21 Say I’m fed up with ………. Studying I’m sick of it …… lies To express frustration

22 Say What do you do? = What is your job / occupation? I’m a doctor I work as a teacher

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