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Welcome to eSales eSales is your 24/7 online sales center designed for you to give you fast, easy answers to the questions you need answered. eSales.

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2 Welcome to eSales

3 eSales is your 24/7 online sales center designed for you to give you fast, easy answers to the questions you need answered. eSales allows you to: Search for product by keyword, noun or partial part number Search for and order up to 10 part numbers at a time Complete online quote requests and convert those quotes to orders Order routine, critical or AOG orders Indicate special packaging, routing or shipping requirements View our inventory real-time Track your orders and back-orders real timeIntroduction

4 Navigate through by moving your mouse over the top tabs. For example, mousing over “Products” brings up the sub-menu items “eCatalog” and “Parts Lookup”.Navigating

5 eSales provides you with two separate shopping carts: a “quote” cart for requesting quotes on non-priced items and a shopping cart, denoted as “Cart”, for buying priced items. This is because of KAPCO’s catalog of 41,000+ SKUs, more than ½ are non-stock class items and will not have catalog pricing. The “quote” cart was designed as an online quotation request tool for you to get fast, accurate quotes on those items. Shopping Carts

6 eSales online help is accessed via the “?” icon Online Help The online help is a pop-up window with drop down selections with detailed directions on doing just about anything in eSales.

7 Profiles tab The Profiles tab offers two options in its sub-menu: “Session” and “Customers” “Session” is where you set your defaults, which we’ll explain on the next page.

8 Session defaults Select your default ship to address from the drop down, adjust your default page size and also email us for technical or sales help.

9 Orders tab The Orders tab offers three options in its sub-menu: “Shopping Cart”, “Order Inquiry” and “Back Orders” “Shopping Cart” is where you order product. It’s also accessed via the “Cart” icon above right. “Order Inquiry” is where you can track your orders and account history with KAPCO. “Back Orders” is where you can go to quickly view back orders and order details for those items.

10 Order Inquiry Or, search for your orders by your full or partial company PO, orders in a certain date range, or select “Advanced Search” for additional search options. If you know the KAPCO order number, enter it here and select “Go” Navigate here by clicking on the link for “Order Inquiry”

11 Order Inquiry: advanced search Selecting “Advanced Search” gives several additional search options. In fact, you can search by transaction type (quote, order or future order), stage (picked, shipped, invoiced) or for orders containing a specific Product number.

12 Order Inquiry: result screen The result of an inquiry is a detailed order listing with promised and invoiced dates, as well as links to greater order details. Click on an order number for the detail for that order.

13 Order Detail Order detail provides most of the information found on an actual invoice, as well as a link to package tracking with the tracker number and a hyper-text link through to the shipper’s web site.

14 Shopping Cart Shopping cart steps you through each of the requirements all the way to check out. You can add items to the cart here or directly from the search and look up screens found under the “Products” tab.

15 Shopping Cart: shipping info Use the drop downs to select and verify your ship to address information. Insert your PO number

16 Shopping Cart: shipping info Use the drop downs to indicate shipping instructions (routine, critical or AOG) and select your carrier.

17 Shopping Cart: Notes Use this space for alternate delivery instructions, requested documentation or special packaging instructions. Anything that you enter here will appear on our internal picking ticket.

18 Shopping cart: check out Once everything is complete, use the “Place on Account” button to create an order. You will see an order confirmation screen and receive an order confirmation email. You can then immediately track the status of that order using “Order Inquiry”.

19 Products: searching using eCatalog Search for products by keyword, noun, partial part number, complete part number and limit that to OEM categories. For example, here is a search for Boeing seals. We did this by typing “seal” in the search field and then clicking the word “Boeing” in the Product Category tree to the left. Clicking “Go” would have searched for all KAPCO seals.

20 Products: adding to cart from eCatalog Note the “add to” column. This tells you whether the part is priced and would be therefore added to the shopping cart. If the item is not priced, it would be added to the “Quote” cart. Note you can also enter the quantity you desire here and select “add” to add all items to their respective cart.

21 Products: detailed product information Clicking on the product number will take you to another screen showing detailed information, including links to alternate or substitute products if they exist.

22 Products: multi-part lookup Lookup or add directly to cart, 10 part numbers at a time.

23 Products: multi-part lookup Result screen gives pricing, inventory, description, cross references and also rejects non KAPCO catalog items.

24 Summary Now you are well on your way to being a KAPCO eSales jedi. As an observant jedi-in-training, you will note that we skipped the quotation process! That’s because it is identical to the sales checkout process. The only added piece is that you will get an email from us telling you that your quoted items are priced and ready for sale. That’s it. Happy trails.

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