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ESCP Europe Master in Management

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1 ESCP Europe Master in Management

2 Key facts 5 European locations A faculty of 127 international professors dedicated to research, education and training 4,000 students of 90 nationalities 5,000 executives in training A network of 40,000 alumni in 150 countries 100 academic alliances in 44 countries; 20 double degree programmes

3 A wide range of management programmes Master in Management ranked Top 2 worldwide by the Financial Times in 2012 Specialised Masters focused on specific functions or sectors (15 full-time and 5 executive programmes in 12 months) Master in European Business (12 months) European Executive MBA (post-experience programme)

4 Master in Management Paris or Turin Each semester in: Paris, London, Berlin, Madrid or a partner university Each semester in: Paris or Berlin (or London & Turin for specific courses) or a partner university pre-Master Master 1 Master 2 Study in up to 3 countries

5 Master in Management Academic Training Core courses Electives Research Project International Education Muticultural groupwork International Faculty Education out of home country Professional Experience Company projects In-company assignments (9-12 months with option to take a gap year) ESCP Europe Master in Management

6 What’s special about ESCP Europe Business School? Central city locations World-class academic quality,prestigious faculty publishing numerous books User-friendly student intranet:individual schedules, grades, on-line library, personal ads, forums, wifi access…. Ranking September 2012 Master in Management Top 2 in Europe

7 Financing your studies Tuition fees per year (2013-2014) : 11.900€ for European Union citizens 15.900€ for non European Union citizens ESCP Europe Merit scholarships for non European Union Citizens Paid in-company internships Bank loans Cost of living per month : 750 € to 1.000 € Others scholarships – French Government (apply at French Cultural Services)

8 Who are the students of the Master in Management

9 The profile of our graduates They are 25 years old on average upon graduation 38% earn two degrees: the Master in Management and a second degree from the UK, Germany, Spain, Italy, China, Russia, the USA… They acquire on average 17 months of work experience during the programme

10 First jobs 94% are employed within 4 months of graduation 47.087€ average starting salary (over 53.000€ on first job outside of France) 48% work outside their native country Consulting: 27% Finance, Banking, Insurance: 24% Marketing: 11% Audit: 9% Sales: 7% Promotion 2010

11 Thanks for listening! Any questions?

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