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U SING QR C ODES TO REACH O UR A UDIENCE E. Brene Duggins February 2014.

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1 U SING QR C ODES TO REACH O UR A UDIENCE E. Brene Duggins February 2014


3 QR C ODES …. W HAT ARE THEY AND HOW CAN I USE THEM ? This is a QR Barcode. QR is short for “Quick Response Code” These barcodes can carry a wealth of information to the viewer. Text messages, images, links to videos, links to your website, contact information and more can be shared through these codes.

4 W HO IS G OING TO S CAN QR C ODES ? Anyone with a Smart Phone or other Smart Device (iPad, tablet, etc.) Adults Teens Even Small Kids…

5 H OW DO I R EAD A QR C ODE ? Barcode Generator/Scanner i-nigma Scan Life Barcode Reader QuickMark QR Code Reader QR Droid Barcode Scanner NeoReader Optiscan QR App QuickMark i-nigma Android AppsiPhone/iPad Apps

6 H OW D O I C REATE A QR C ODE ? Free Online QR Code Generators…there are tons!!! Find what works for you Many will even allow you to incorporate images into your QR codes. Examples:

7 L ET ’ S C REATE A QR C ODE Decide what type you would like to create. VCard Link to Website/Facebook Image/Video Or More Choose a QR Code Creator:

8 W HAT C AN I DO WITH QR C ODES ? Put them anywhere and everywhere!!!

9 M ORE E XAMPLES IN THE R EAL W ORLD … examples-of-using-qr-codes codes/

10 W HAT C AN I D O WITH QR C ODES ? Games with QR Codes (scavenger hunts, Q and As, etc.) On Flyers with contact information On the Fire Truck! Door prizes, giveaways at events Linked to Social Media Pages (Facebook, Twitter, etc.)

11 W HAT C AN I D O WITH QR C ODES ? To have participants in events check into a location Rememberance Codes Self Guided Tours (kinda…) In the Fire Safety House In Mailouts As a way to deliver step-by-step instructions in video or a print friendly version Let people enroll in events Let people send themselves a reminder via SMS Great Example: World Park Campaign :

12 W HAT C AN I D O WITH QR C ODES ? Safety Messages Linked to Videos on YouTube Links to Activities for Teachers Outside the Station On your T-Shirts On Business Cards And So Much more!!!

13 S OME QR C ODE B EST P RACTICES Size: Minimum of 1 inch by 1 inch. You want smart phones to be able to read them Color: High Contrast Colors. Black on White is the best combination. Call to Action: Let people know what it is for… “Scan me to sign up for the next Public Kitchen Fire Safety Class.”

14 S OME QR C ODE B EST P RACTICES Written URL: Just incase it doesn’t work for them, have the written URL ready. You can even have a shortened one to make it easier. ( - Google Shortener) Test It: Make sure you test the QR Code that you create to make sure they work, especially if you put images in the QR Code. Track It: We want to track if people are using this new technology. Google Analytics among others can help you track the effectiveness of your QR codes.

15 M ORE QR C ODE R ESOURCES /R EFERENCES How QR Codes can grow your business grow-your-business/ grow-your-business/ How to Use QR Codes in your Print Marketing use-qr-codes-in-your-print-marketing use-qr-codes-in-your-print-marketing

16 W HAT QR C ODES C AN D O FOR THE F IRE D EPARTMENT ? Share On Facebook Post on Twitter Read your Blog Campaigns Watch your videos Download a flyer Read a fact sheet Connect Go to your website Get Contact Information Events Map to your event Agenda for your event Support Get a Quick Tip Go to your support page

17 E. Brene Duggins Fire Educator and Technology Specialist 919-621-4651

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