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Applications Productivity Tools for Educators

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1 Applications Productivity Tools for Educators
Chapter 3 Applications Productivity Tools for Educators

2 The Role of the Operating System
System Software-consists of programs that control the operations of the computer and its devices. Operating System- One type of system software, that contains instructions that coordinate all of the activities of the hardware devices in a computer. It also contains instructions that allow you to run the Application Software. Figure 3-1/page 136

3 Using Different Operating Systems
Microsoft Windows (Most used) Windows XP Windows Vista Windows Vista Home Basic Windows Vista Home Premium Windows Vista Ultimate Windows 7 Macintosh Operating System or Mac OS UNIX Linux (Open source software or free)

4 The Role of the Interface
User Interface-controls how you enter data or instructions (input) and how information is presented on the screen (output). Graphical User Interface (GUI-pronounced gooey)-combines text, graphics, and other visual cues to make software easier to use. This is one of the most common interfaces used.

5 Application Software Application Software-Consists of programs designed to perform specific tasks for users. Also called Application Programs. Software Package-sold in retail stores. example: Microsoft Word

6 Categories of Application Software
Productivity/ Business Graphic Design/ Multimedia School Home/ Personal Communications Word Processing Desktop Publishing School/Student Management Personal Finance Spreadsheet Paint/Image Editing Grade Book Tax Preparation Web Browser Presentation Graphics Multimedia Authoring Education/Reference Legal Chat Rooms Personal Information Management Web Page Authoring Special Needs Entertainment Newsgroups Software Suite Note Taking Instant Messaging Blogs Figure 3-3/pg. 138

7 Starting a Software Application
Figure 3-4/page 139 Key Terms: Desktop Icon Button Menu Commands Window Title Bar File Filename

8 Working With Software Applications
Key Terms: Document Creating Editing Insert Delete Cut Clipboard Copy Paste Formatting Font Font Size Points Font Style Saving AutoSave Printing Dialog Box

9 Voice Recognition, Note Taking Software, Digital Kids
Voice Recognition-Also known as Speech Recognition. Note Taking Software- sometimes uses Digital Pens. Figures 3-8 and 3-9 School Books may someday become obsolete!!!

Sheila Carlton

Millions of people use word processing software every day to create documents. Teachers can increase their productivity by using word processor software to create written documents, such as lesson plans, handouts, parent communications, and students tests.

Create documents with clip art Review the spelling of individual words, sections of a document, or the entire document. Create personalize templates.

3 basic types of charts used with spreadsheet: line charts, column charts, and pie charts

14 DATABASE SOFTWARE Allows you to create a computerized database.

Provides a variety of predefined presentation formats that define complementary colors for backgrounds, text and other special effects. Provides a variety of layouts Can create a title slide, a two column slide, a slide with clip art, and slides with other formats.

Includes an appointment calendar, address book, notepad and, other features to help organize personal information. Download Web apps that allows you to turn your phone into a leveling tool; check TV and movie schedules and play games. Students and teachers can benefit from software designed for educational uses.

17 SOFTWARE SUITES Suites are for school, home, and personal users.
Less expensive When suites are installed, the entire collection of applications are installed.

18 Graphics and Multimedia Software
Amanda Hermosillo

19 Desktop Publishing Software
Page Layout Teachers and students use desktop publishing software, such as Microsoft Publisher, to create flyers, certificates, newsletters and other types of documents

20 Paint/Image Editing Software
Paint Software Image Editing Software Photo Editing Software With Image Editing Software, users can create and modify a variety of graphic images.

21 Clip Art/Image Gallery
Clip/Art galleries provide thousands of clip art images and photographs for use in documents such as letters, newsletters, greeting cards, class projects and presentations.

22 Multimedia Authoring Software
Multimedia Authoring Software is used to create electronic presentation, stimulations, and software demonstration that can include text, graphics, video, audio, animation and screen captures. Two popular programs used by educators Camtasia Studio Adobe Captivate

23 Video and Audio Editing Software
Users can use video editing software to modify video images.

24 Web Page Authoring Software
Web Page Authoring Software is designed to help you create web pages, in addition to organizing, managing, and maintaining web sites. Curriculum Page Other Web page Authoring software Microsoft publisher Microsoft expressions Web Web Blender 2 Adobe Dreamweaver

25 Software for School Use
School Management Software Student Management Software Grade Book Software Educational and Reference Software Special Needs Software

26 Software for Home and Personal Use
Personal Finance Software Tax Preparation Software Legal Software Entertainment Software

27 Learning Aids and Support Tools
Using Help Trade Books FAQ Tutorials

28 Software Versions and Upgrades
Using Different Software Versions Updates and Upgrades

29 Creating Web Pages, Blogs, and Wikis

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