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Sports illustrated Photography Mookie Nauden & Zach Vogt.

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1 Sports illustrated Photography Mookie Nauden & Zach Vogt

2 Description  Must be able to capture top players in their prime years.  Must be able to captures top stories of that week.  Can cover and captures important events such as NBA Finals, Super bowl, U.S Open, Olympics, etc... For reporting

3 Task List  Go to Events  Create Logos  Photograph Athletes  Set up Interviews  Design Advertisements

4 Working Conditions/ Physical Demands  Photographers are required to work in any weather conditions, during all four seasons.  They need to travel to different locations and facilities for events.  They are often put in dangerous situations, especially when capturing action sports, etc.  Their working hours are inconsistent, long, and often inconvenient, such as weekends and holidays.

5 Skills Required for Occupation  Knowledgeable- Photographers must be very knowledgeable about many different types of equipment.  Critical Thinking- Must be able to make quick decisions, and capture the essence of the moment.  Time Management- Must be able to use his/her time wisely, and be able to be at various different events within short periods of time

6 Education/ College  Must know how to test and maintain different pieces of equipment prior to using them.  Many schools offer degrees in Sports Photography Journalism from Bachelors to Masters Degrees  College Degrees can give someone connections and paths towards a career in their field.

7 Career Outlook  The Photojournalism career field is a very broad field containing many different individualized jobs.  The job market is surprisingly well available if one is willing to put in time and effort, and be flexible about working.  There are also many perks to this career, especially if you are a sports fan. You will be able to meet famous athletes in person, and be enveloped in the lifestyle

8 Wages  Sports Photographers wages are widely spread because they are often self employed, while many work for different magazines, etc.  Salary is between $17,350 and $63,000, with an average of about $40,580.

9 Potential Questions  Q. What are your hours like? A. Very irregular hours, with different amounts of time each week. It depends on what’s going on in the sport world. Q. Do you have to travel a lot? A. Yes, I travel all around the country to capture different events in the sports world. If you like to explore the world this is a great job for you!!

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