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30 minutes could save you thousands FINANCIAL AID.

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1 30 minutes could save you thousands FINANCIAL AID

2 WHAT WE WILL COVER Federal student aid State student aid Student aid from colleges Scholarships from other sources

3 FINANCIAL AID SUPPORT January 13 th – Financial Aid Parent Information Night 7PM – QPAC Two members of the financial aid department of Lehigh University will present information about the financial aid process and will field general questions Snow date is January 20 th February 10 th – FAFSA Completion Night 5 to 6:30 PM – Cyber Commons This is a work session, not a presentation Laptops will be set up in the cyber commons for families to start and hopefully complete their online FAFSA application A member of PHEAA will assist any participants who have questions while filling out the application Prior registration is mandatory. Students can sign up in the guidance office or parents can email Mr. Gozzard at

4 4 WHAT IS FINANCIAL AID? Financial aid is any assistance to help students fund their education. It can take the form of: Grants Loans Work-study Scholarships Merit Aid – Awarded to students based on academic performance or other skills Needs Based Aid – Based on financial need

5 SOURCES OF AID: Federal State - PHEAA Educational Institutions Outside or Private Organizations Civic Organizations Parents Employers Schools 5

6 HOW DO I APPLY FOR FINANCIAL AID? Complete the Free Application For Federal Student Aid online FAFSA You and your parent/guardian must go to… This is the OFFICIAL financial aid application website.


8 REVIEW OF STEPS 1. You and your parent/guardian will need to get a personal identification number (PIN) 2. Gather needed documents Social Security Number W-2 Forms from 2014 Completed Taxes for 2014 3. Go on 4. On the confirmation page of the FAFSA, click on the PA state link to apply for state aid 5. Monitor your email and mail for application status updates




12 DECIDING ON WHICH SCHOOL Be sure you have visited the campus – more than once if possible. Do you see yourself being comfortable on this campus for the next 4 years? Is the distance from home acceptable? Is the amount of loans or money you will have to pay out of pocket feasible? Multiply the amount of loans you are taking out over 4 to 5 years. Does the potential job you could get pay well enough to pay off the loans you have taken out? See the “career” tab on Naviance for salary information. Attend the college/trade school because it is right for you, not because a friend or significant other is going as well.


14 SCHOLARSHIPS YOU CAN APPLY FOR Check out the financial aid web page of schools where you have applied. They may offer a scholarship list Naviance has a scholarship list of local and regional scholarships and a “national college search” tool as well. Avoid Scholarship Scams Never pay to apply for a scholarship Never give your Social Security Number when applying for a scholarship (you will need this for colleges and FAFSA) Do not give bank or credit card information Investigate your employer and parents’ employer for scholarships Church and local civic organizations

15 ACCEPTANCE LETTERS WITH SCHOLARSHIP INFO Please share the great news. If you get a scholarship award letter, please bring it down to guidance. We will make a copy and give you back the original. We will keep a running total of all scholarships awarded to our seniors and will announce the total at graduation. Your info will be kept confidential!


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