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Maxwell Control Panel Use these buttons to page forward and backward Section Two.

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2 Maxwell Control Panel Use these buttons to page forward and backward Section Two

3 The Maxwell Control Panel Click on any of the icons below to learn more about its function This button will exit out of the Maxwell software, but here it will exit out of this tutorial.

4 About Maxwell List of existing products List of regional and international sales and support offices

5 Configure Use this panel update the Maxwell resource file called maxwell.ini. Here you can configure screen size, font size, color file, directory structure, and other settings. Return to Control Panel

6 Project Manager Project List Area Alias Area Individual Project Info

7 Project Manager Actual directory on the hard drive where the project is located List of projects in this directory These buttons will be described in detail on the following slides.

8 New Name can be up to 32 characters long Select project type from pull down menu

9 Rename Type in the new name for this particular project

10 Compress Compresses each individual file in the project directories selected. This does not create one zip file that contains all project files, it will only compress each file in the project directory.

11 Compress/Archive You can archive your projects and increase the amount of hard disk space on your computer. This option will only delete certain solution files, it will not compress any files. For all cases, the geometry, materials, boundaries, sources, and the rest of the problem setup are maintained.

12 Delete Select Projects here Add them to the list for deletion Click on OK to delete the projects. These projects are NOT deleted into the recycle bin; once deleted, they can never be recovered

13 Copy The copy process starts with what you have selected for the current project directory. This is the destination directory. Use these windows to pick what directory you want to copy from. Pick the project Choose Model only if you don’t want to copy mesh and field solution. This copies the geometry, materials, sources, and solution setup The project 1ph_fea is being copied from f:/maxwell_projects/motors to f:/maxwell_projects/actuators and the name is changed to single_phase

14 Move Use these windows to pick what directory you want to move from. Select the project to move Verify source and destination directories are correct

15 Reclassify Use this to reclassify a project from Maxwell 2D version 7 to Maxwell 2D version 8

16 Search This utility allows you to search any directory and find projects based on the Project name, who created the project, and any text added in the Notes section of the project. Specify where to search Search by: Name of the project Who created the project Text in the Notes section Refine your search by: Product and type

17 Search For example, say you want to search for Maxwell 2D projects containing the words “single-phase” in the notes section. single-phase

18 Search The results of this search yield the following: Now you can click on any of the projects and open them.

19 Project Directories Project directories are aliases that point to actual directories on your hard drive. … to this directory on your hard drive. As you can see, the directory name and the alias name need not be the same. These buttons will be described in detail on the following slides. The alias called “linear_act” points …

20 Add Directory To create a project directory … Type in or click to choose a directory on your hard drive F:/maxwell_projects/ind_mot ind_3ph Type in an Alias Use the current directory or make a new one

21 Add Directory This new alias “ind_3ph” points to the directory … F:/maxwell_projects/ind_mot

22 Edit Directory Use this window to change an Alias or directory path Induction_motor Pick a project directory Change Alias or Path

23 Edit Directory The alias has now changed from ind_ph3 to Induction_motor The new alias still points to the directory: f:/maxwell_projects/ind_mot

24 Delete Directory Pick a Project Directory All of the Projects in this directory are listed here. Delete only the alias which means that all of the projects will remain on your computer Or remove the alias AND all of the projects from your computer. Be aware, there is no UNDELETE. These projects do not go in the Windows trash bin where they can be undeleted at a later time. They are permanently removed from you computer.

25 Change Directory Type in the new directory Or use sub directory listing to change to a new directory

26 Project Information The information about this project The model is displayed here, this is the default view Project Name Created by: Type and Version

27 Project Information If the project is terminated without using the Exit button, or if your operating system crashes, it will remain in locked status. You will need to click on Recover the next time you want to open the project. The Notes section is useful to keep a log of the project status. 20-Nov-00 Variable Reluctance Sensor Step 1: Solve Parametric problem for nominal case Step 2: Vary the air gap to determine distance were signal decays one half of nominal case. Save Notes How much hard disk space is your project taking. Open the project to start or continue work Return to Control Panel

28 Translators Panel -P4 Use options – click Help for details Translate file Model translated successfully Type in directory path Or use file folder Return to Control Panel

29 Print Manager Click on Grab Screen and select an area to produce a bitmap file. This is useful when you want to add graphics in a Power Point presentation or a Word document; just use the Edit/Copy and Edit/Paste commands. Return to Control Panel

30 Maxwell Utilities Click on any of the icons above to learn more about its function Return to Control Panel

31 Utilities - Colors Use this panel to change the sixteen standard colors as well as the background and foreground color. You can also load a predefined color map from a standard file, or custom file. For example you can load our standard black or white background. Return to Utilities

32 Utilities – 2D Modeler This launches the 2D Modeler. When a license is in use solving a problem, this can be used to pre-process the next simulation. Return to Utilities

33 Utilities – Plot Data Use Plot Data to plot equations or signals from a simulation.

34 Utilities – Plot Data Plot Data has a very powerful calculator where you can multiply signals, integrate to determine average, and calculate values such as RMS. Return to Utilities

35 Utilities – Evaluator Used to create algebraic, trigometric, and piece wise linear functions. Return to Utilities

36 Utilities – Materials This is the global material database Add a material Rename Steel_M19 Choose Nonlinear Define B-H Define other properties Enter the new material Return to Utilities

37 Maxwell This completes the training exercise covering the Maxwell Control Panel. Please refer to the training CD for other training examples: Section 1 Intro FE Method.ppt Section 2 Control Panel.ppt Section 3 Problem Setup and Solution.ppt Section 4 Parametrics and Post Processing Macros.ppt Or, you can browse our web site at Select Technical Support and register for an account. Here we have Tips and Tactics, Frequently Asked Question, Application Notes and other example End Presentation

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