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Windows 8 App Challenge.

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1 Windows 8 App Challenge

2 Registering for Generation App Visit the App Challenge Facebook Downloading and Installing Your Development Tools Registering for DreamSpark Use the links to the side to skip between slides.

3 Menu


5 Registering For DreamSpark Go to and click on the “Students” tab at the top

6 Menu Registering an Account Scroll down the student page and choose “Create an Account”

7 Menu Signing Up You can use any email you want. Choose your college or university in the school list.  Skip “Activation Code” and “ISIC Card”

8 Menu Registering With Your School Email On the next screen, entering your UALR email address.  Check your school email & follow the link to complete the registration.

9 Menu Registration Complete! Congratulations! You now have a DreamSpark account and can download awesome free software!

10 Menu

11 Registering for Generation App Go to the following link to get started with Generation App! Click the orange “Sign Up” button to get started.

12 Menu Signing Up For Generation App Complete the on screen forms and select desired options for email preference, etc. Click the “Submit” button once finished.

13 Menu Registration Completed After registering and signing in, you should see the screen below. Here, you can follow through each weeks’ guides to get your app ready in 30 days!

14 Menu Registration Completed! Congrats! You should now be ready to start developing your Windows 8 applications! But first, let’s get the right tools!

15 Menu Getting You Development Tools Before you can install VisualStudio 2012, you must have Windows 8 installed on your computer. The next screen shows the different options for installing Windows 8  Dual Boot  Virtual Box  System Upgrade Download Windows 8 Here NOTE: Since Windows 8 has not been released yet, you will only be able to install a trial version. This version will expire in January, so be careful if you choose to update from another OS as you will be required to purchase Windows 8 or possibly lose your data.

16 Menu


18 DreamSpark Software Once you have Windows 8, go to and login under the “students” tab. Choose the “Software Catalog” tab to see what all you can download.

19 Menu Visual Studio 2012 Click on “Visual Studio 2012 Profession” to go to the download page. Select a “Download Method” from the dropdown and then click “Download”

20 Menu Downloading… Your download should now begin. Once finished, install as you would any other software, following the on-screen instructions. The first time you launch Visual Studio, you will be asked to choose a development language environment. Choose the environment that best fits your skill set. You may now download any other DreamSpark software in a similar fashion. Enjoy!

21 Menu

22 Congrats! You should now have everything you need to being developing your very own Windows 8 Applications! Questions? Contact me at: shashank.sykam@studentpartn

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