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Mental Illness.

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1 Mental Illness

2 Emotions Mental Health An emotional brain Teens and emotions
Is the way people think about and respond to events in their daily lives An emotional brain Emotion- is a feeling produced in response to a life event Emotional health- is the way a person experiences and deals with feelings Teens and emotions Hormones- are chemicals that help control how the body grows and functions

3 Understanding Emotions
An Emotional Spectrum Emotional Spectrum- is a set of emotions arranged by how pleasant they are Recognizing Emotions Know Your Triggers Trigger- Situations, people, and events that cause a person to feel an emotion Physical Feelings

4 Expressing Emotions Healthy Emotional Expression Communication
Communication Skills Body Language- is expressing emotions with the face, hands, and posture Active Listening- not only hearing but also showing the you understand what a person is saying Creative expression Unhealthy Emotional Expression

5 Coping with Emotions Self-Esteem Time to Think Talking with Someone
A measure of how much you value, respect, and feel confident about yourself. Time to Think Positive self-talk- is thinking about the good parts of a bad situation Talking with Someone Defense Mechanisms Automatic behaviors used to reduce uncomfortable stress Influences you can control

6 Mental Illness Understanding Mental Illness
Is a disorder that affects a persons thoughts, emotions, and behaviors Anxiety Disorders Anxiety- is a feeling of extreme nervousness and worry Anxiety Disorder- is an illness that causes unusually strong nervousness, worry, or panic. Panic Disorder- is an anxiety disorder that causes a person to have brief periods of extreme anxiety called panic attacks. Phobias- Panic attacks triggered by specific things Obsession- anxiety triggered by repetitive thoughts Compulsions-rituals, to try to overcome anxiety Obsessive-compulsive disorder(OCD)

7 Mental Illness Bipolar Mood Disorder(Manic Depression)
Mood disorder- is an illness in which people have uncontrollable mood changes, example: Bipolar Mood Disorder Hallucinations Delusions- is a false belief. Schizophrenia Is a disorder in which a person breaks from reality in several ways Paranoia- is the belief that other people or things want to harm someone.

8 Depression Depression Very Dangerous
A mood disorder in which a person feels extremely sad and hopeless for at least two weeks Known as Major Depressive Disorder Different then sadness Of all people with in America who have it, only 40% are diagnosed. Very Dangerous Suicidal Thinking The desire to take one’s own life

9 Getting Help How Serious is it? Finding help for other people
Preventing Further Problems Help for Emotional Problems Teachers, principals, school counselor, school nurse Teen Hotline- is phone number that teens can call to talk privately about their problems Professional Help Counselor- is a professional who helps people work through difficult problems by talking Psychologist- a person who tries to change thoughts, feelings, and actions by finding the reason behind them or by suggesting new ways to manage emotions Psychiatrist- a medical doctor who specializes in illnesses of the brain and body that affect emotions and behavior.

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