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Talent Acquisition Shared Services Presented to Pen Bay Healthcare Management Team ∞ Lisa McIlwain, Senior Director Talent Management May 12, 2015.

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1 Talent Acquisition Shared Services Presented to Pen Bay Healthcare Management Team ∞ Lisa McIlwain, Senior Director Talent Management May 12, 2015

2 A New Model for Recruitment Beginning June 1 st, MaineHealth’s Talent Acquisition team will partner with Pen Bay’s HR staff and you to help find and hire the best employees to meet your needs. Talent Acquisition Sources and screens candidates from large, national databases Offers in depth candidate pre-screening Provides “bench strength” for your local HR team 2

3 MaineHealth Talent Acquisition Shared Services Team 3

4 Mid Coast Talent Acquisition Partners Janine Garceau has been a healthcare recruiter for 17 years. She’s a member of the Maine Society of Healthcare HR Administrators and is active with several community organizations including Jobs for Maine Grads and Work Readiness for Teens. She educates high school students in resume building and interviewing techniques and has shared her expertise with Wiscasset Adult Ed and C.N.A. Certification program students. 4

5 Mid Coast Talent Acquisition Partners Jennifer Kopp, PHR, SHRM-C has been a recruiter within MaineHealth for 15 years, first working at Maine Medical Center before transferring to Lincoln County Healthcare in 2007. Jen has an Associates Degree from Casco Bay College and a certificate in HR Management from University of Southern Maine. Jen counsels employees in their professional development and coordinates healthcare scholarships to advance students’ careers. 5

6 Mid Coast Talent Acquisition Partners Sarah Bickford is Mid Coast’s newest recruiter, having joined the team in 2014. Her background includes almost a decade of executive assistant work, with extensive training and experience in customer service. Sarah studied Elementary Education, but has found her passion and niche in Recruitment! 6 All Mid Coast TAPs are currently participating in Lean Recruiter Academy training and will be Certified in June, 2015

7 The Process Requisition Process. Personnel requisitions are created and posted through Position Manager. Once approved, requisitions are forwarded to “Talent Acquisition Partner” rather than an individual recruiter. Your Talent Acquisition Partner. Your Requisition will be assigned to one of three Talent Acquisition Partners, depending on job title and department. Special requirements and preferences for the position. Depending on the position and whether you’ve worked with your Talent Acquisition Partner (TAP) previously, you may be contacted for an intake. During intake you’ll be asked questions about the culture of your team and specific candidate preferences and qualities. The intake may be conducted over the phone, through email and/or by completing an intake form. 7

8 The Process Waiting for candidates. Your TAP will source and screen candidates to meet your qualifications. All positions will be posted on the MaineHealth website (which includes links to all MaineHealth facilities), JobsInMe and other job boards. Ads will be run in professional journals as appropriate. TAPs will build a comprehensive base of candidates (aka the talent pipeline) and will maintain relationships with viable applicants. Candidates who most closely meet your needs will be forwarded to you, often accompanied by a consultative narrative. You will select candidates to interview, and communicate with your TAP using Position Manager as you move through the interview process. Managing Internal Candidates. Only internal candidates who meet the pre-determined screening criteria and are considered a strong candidate will be forwarded to you as part of the candidate slate. You are not required to interview all internal candidates. Note: as a courtesy to internal candidates, please do not contact their current manager until they are a finalist for the position. If a finalist, please contact the current manager for a reference. 8

9 The Process Hiring Manager’s responsibility in the process. Within one week of receiving your slate of candidates, please schedule and begin to conduct interviews. Using the tools in Position Manager to document your progress is imperative; all communication needs to be tracked for legal compliance. Selection of Candidates. Through Position Manager, communicate with your TAP about your top candidate. Your TAP will initiate reference checks through Universal, and work with HR at Pen Bay to determine rate of pay in order to extend a job offer. After an offer is accepted you will receive a confirmation email from your TAP, and from there Pen Bay’s HR team will assume the onboarding process by reaching out to welcome the candidate, conduct the criminal background check, schedule the Employee Health screen initiate the onboarding paperwork process. 9

10 The Process Hard-to-fill positions. When positions have been identified as hard- to-fill due to the nature of the job or lack of viable candidates, the Talent Acquisition team will partner with you and your HR team at Pen Bay to create a marketing and sourcing strategy. Viable candidates for future consideration. Through Position Manager, please let your TAP know why you haven’t selected the other candidates in your slate. Your TAP will disposition candidates back into the talent pipeline along with your notes. Ongoing feedback. Please participate in our surveys so we may continually improve our processes. Your feedback will supplement our metrics analyses. 10

11 Sample Metrics Dashboard 11

12 The Process What’s next. Behavioral Based Interviewing training will be offered to all managers across the MaineHealth system this summer. Attendees will learn new strategies and tips to enhance their interviewing technique. Questions? Contact your Talent Acquisition Partner. Lisa McIlwain, Senior Director Talent Management (207) 662-5658 Tom Girard, Senior Director Human Resources (207) 563-4578 12 HR – Here for You!

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