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Thailand-Japan FTA passara suchaya

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1 Thailand-Japan FTA passara 5004640719 suchaya 5004641014

2 Japan-Thailand Economic Partnership Agreement
An agreement between Thailand and Japan on FTA is called Japan – Thailand Economic Partnership Agreement or JTEPA

3 When it began?? Negotiation date : 19 May 2005
Beginning date : 01 Nov 2007

4 Objective of JTEPA To liberalize and facilitate trade in goods and
services between the Parties To realize and promote paperless trading between the parties facilitate the mutual recognition of the results of conformity assessment procedures for products or processes encourage and promote investment and ensure protection for investments and investment activities in the Parties; facilitate the movement of natural persons

5 ensure and enhance adequate, effective and nondiscriminatory protection of intellectual
property to promote trade and investment between the Parties enhance cooperation for mutual benefit of the Parties in the field of government procurement; promote fair and free competition by proscribing anti-competitive activities and cooperate in the field thereof establish a framework for further bilateral Cooperation promote transparency in the implementation of laws and regulations respecting matters covered by this Agreement.

6 Thailand’s total trade with Japan
Thailand’s trade decompose into export and import Total trade = export+import Thailand-Japan trade: Total (US$m) = Export (US$m) = Import (US$m) = Current trade balance(2009 Jan - July) : US$m – US$m = US$m

7 Thailand has a trade deficit in year 2009 between Thailand and Japan because we imported US$m more than we exported

8 Japan’s export destination


10 Japan’s import destination


12 Market Share For Japan, Thailand gain the market share only 2.73% in its but for Thailand Japan gain about 18.70% compare to the size of share among other countries. This mean that Japan have much impact on trade balance of Thailand.

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