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High Blood Pressure: What it is, Causes, Effects, Preventions By: Nghi 5B.

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1 High Blood Pressure: What it is, Causes, Effects, Preventions By: Nghi 5B

2  High blood pressure is the force of blood pushing against the arteries when the heart pumps. It will squeeze harder than it will before. If the pressure keeps rising in the future, it can damage the heart in many ways. What it is

3  People have high blood pressure because they are affected by their family history OR they live an unhealthy lifestyle – bad diet, excess weight, stress, or insufficient physical activities. Causes

4  It depends on your age that determines what causes high blood pressure. If you’re an infant, high blood pressure is caused by problems with your kidneys, lungs, heart. Among kids and teens, it’s commonly caused by excess weight or diseases with the blood vessels. Causes

5  High blood pressure is very dangerous. If you have it for a long time without any treatment, it will effect many organs like the heart, brain, kidneys, and eyes. Effects

6  If you don’t get any treatment, your blood pressure will get higher and higher, which risk to serious health problems in a number of ways. It can cause heart problems or heart failure, effect your brain which leads to stroke. Or, kidney diseases and limb diseases, your leg will be effect. Effects

7  If we don’t know that we have high blood pressure, over time it will put extra strain in your blood vessels. This is a way to have heart attack or stroke easily. Effects

8  Your family history can effect you by your genes. Genes are made up of DNA. In which determines some of your personality. It runs through past generations of your family. Habits that your relatives have can effect you too. Effects

9  Treat any diseases that you have but specifically, HBP. If you don’t have good treatment, it will risk to an unhealthy heart. Also, if it is very serious, you will have heart attack, heart disease, strokes, and kidney diseases. Effects

10  Stress is a common way to have HBP. It rises your blood pressure and speed up heart rate. The impact of stress is very powerful, it can disturb the immune process, so your defense army will be weak. Then, you will get sick very easily. The tremendous force of stress effects the digestive process as well. Effects

11  Reduce alcohol intake. Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommend no more than two drinks a day, alcohol is a kind of drug and it raise your blood pressure.  Quit smoking. Smoking can damage your blood vessels and raise your blood pressure. Smoking can worsen heart problems. Prevention for Adults

12 Eat:  Fruits, green leafy veggies, and fat oily fish because it has a lot of potassium and potassium is a mineral that helps cells, tissues, and organs work properly. Personal Health Plan

13  Dairy products have a high source of calcium. Calcium plays an important role in muscle contraction, transmitting messages through nerves, and releases hormones. If you don’t have enough calcium, your body naturally take calcium from the bones to ensure normal cell function and it will lead to weakened bones. Personal Health Plan (part 2)

14 Eat:  Whole grain products, nuts, seeds, peas, and beans have a lot of magnesium. This electrolyte makes muscles and nerves work properly. It also helps the body moves other electrolytes in and out of cells. Personal Health Plan (part 3)

15 EAT:  Fish oil. Omega 3 fish oil contains both docosahexaenoic acid as well as eicosapentaenoic acid which help prevent and manage circulatory system problems like heart disease. Personal Health Plan (part 4)

16 EAT:  Garlic. This important vegetable helps keep your blood pressure in safe zones and also reduce some cancers. It also helps relaxes blood vessels and increases blood flow. Personal Health Plan (part 5)

17 ALWAYS:  Maintain a healthy weight. Overweight can make you 2-6 times more likely to have HBP. It also helps make the medicine you’re given to lower blood pressure more effective. Carrying too much fat around your weight risk to HBP. Personal Health Plan (part 6)

18 ALWAYS:  Exercise daily. Regularly, 30 to 60 minutes of physical activities on most days of the week will reduce HBP within a few weeks. Your brain sends out endorphins, which make you happy and plus a healthy diet, you will be at safer levels and won’t be scared of HBP. Personal Health Plan (part 7)

19 REDUCE:  Madness. It risk to high blood pressure easily. It cause your heart to beat faster and your blood vessels to narrow. Do some inside exercises can make you feel happier. If self- help doesn’t work, talk to someone about it. Personal Health Plan (part 8)

20 REDUCE:  Salt intake. Salt makes your blood pressure rise. It will damage your heart, kidneys, and arteries. There is a limit to the amount of water your body needs, but salt makes you have more water in your blood. Personal Health Plan (part 9)

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24  High blood pressure is very dangerous because it shows no warning signs. Please get it checked once a year to be safe. Any questions? Closing

25 Thanks For Listening! Bye Bye ^^

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