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Pediatrics 101 Enass H Raffa. 1. American Academy of Pediatrics Pediatrics 101.

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1 Pediatrics 101 Enass H Raffa

2 1. American Academy of Pediatrics Pediatrics 101

3 2. Pediatricians: Focus on the physical, emotional, and social health of infants, children, adolescents, and young adults from birth to 21 years. Focus on prevention, detection, and management of physical, behavioral, developmental, and social problems that affect children. Treat infections, injuries, and many types of organic disease and dysfunction. Work towards reducing infant and child mortality, foster healthy lifestyles, and ease the day-to-day difficulties of those with chronic conditions.

4 3. General Pediatrician’s Responsibilities Include: Management of serious and life-threatening illnesses Referral of more complex conditions as needed Consultative partnerships with other care providers Health supervision Anticipatory guidance Monitoring physical and psychosocial growth and development Age-appropriate screening Diagnosis and treatment of acute and chronic disorders Community-based activities in sports medicine, school health, and public health

5 4. Pediatrics You have to do what will make you happy! No other physician group can match pediatricians on career satisfaction 96% of current graduating pediatric residents who are in the general practice job market report that if they did their residency over, they would choose pediatrics again Pediatricians report higher satisfaction than internists on key satisfaction indicators including job, career, and specialty satisfaction 2003 AAP Third-Year Resident Survey, unpublished data

6 5. Pediatrics The opportunities for graduates of pediatric residencies are diverse and numerous 80% of residents seeking a general practice position report obtaining their most desired position Many pediatric subspecialties are currently experiencing workforce shortages Pediatric training and job market trends: results from the American Academy of Pediatrics Third- Year Resident Survey, 1997-2002. Pediatrics. 2003;112:787-792

7 6. Pediatrics Flexible jobs are more common in pediatrics than any other specialty 26% of pediatricians versus 14% of all physicians have worked part-time at some point in their careers Pediatrics offers a broad spectrum of rewarding career options (variety of practice settings and styles) There are many medically underserved communities seeking pediatricians American Academy of Pediatrics Division of Health Policy Research. Pediatrics leads specialists in number of part-time physicians. AAP News. 2002,21:126

8 7. Pediatrics Employment settings Group practice: 45.3% Solo/2-physician practice: 15% Hospital or clinic: 14.5% Medical school: 12% Other: 9.9% Health maintenance organization: 3.3% Source: American Academy of Pediatrics. Socioeconomic survey of pediatricians. #57- 60, 2004. Practice Location Suburbs: 40% Urban practice (non-inner city): 28.2% Urban practice (inner city): 20.5% Rural: 11.3%

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