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Melissa Christie March 30, 2012 Curriculum Leadership Council.

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1 Melissa Christie March 30, 2012 Curriculum Leadership Council

2 Curriculum Leadership Council Common Core State Standards (CCSS) Year 1 (2011-2012) Awareness Year 2 (2012-2013) Transition Year 3 (2013-2014) Implementation 2

3 CLC Model for Classroom Impact SCCOE Guiding Coalition Site Champions TeachersStudents 3

4 Overview of General Sessions in Year 1 Building Background Knowledge CCSS through the English Learner Lens Career Technical Education (CTE) Assessment Updates 4

5 English Language Arts and Literacy in History/Social Studies & Science/Technical Subjects Organization & Progression of Standards K-12 Literacy Development across content areas Informational Texts/ Text Complexity 21 st Century Literacies Performance Assessments 5

6 21 st Century Learning Critical Thinking and Problem Solving, Communication, Collaboration, and Creativity and Innovation Introduction of use of the following: e-Portfolios Flipped-Learning Blended Learning Online Learning Environments (Moodle) iPods 6

7 Content Specifications – CCSS ELA 7

8 Content Specifications - CCSSM 8

9 2012 Summer Institute: Curriculum 21 Keynote Speaker: Dr. Heidi Hayes Jacobs Essential Education for the 21 st Century Student; What to keep? What to cut? What to create? Introduction to Mapping to the Core Core Maps will be created for Writing Mathematics Develop an Implementation Plan 9

10 2012-2013: Transition Teachers will: Collaboratively design units which will integrate literacy skills and strategies into all curricular units. integrate 21 st century learning tools. incorporate performance assessments. Design collaborative writing projects with Web 2.0 writing tools. Use imaging tools to create writing prompts in all content areas. Create quality audio and video podcasts as performance assessment tools in all content areas. ePortfolio Development 10

11 Multiple Paragraph Essays Big Idea Essential Questions Content Skills Benchmark Assessments Essays allow a writer to develop a topic through relevant details and support. Writers use a variety of strategies to enhance their message and engage the reader. What strategies can I use to help me be a more effective writer? How can I effectively support my point of view? Why do writers pick a particular structure for writing?  Thesis statement  Focused introductory paragraph  3-5 paragraph essay  Relevant details and supporting evidence  Logical organization of ideas (e.g., order by chronology, importance…)  Unity/Cohesion  Transitions  Supportive and illustrative materials  Sentence variety  Style Vocabulary: organizational structures, compound- complex, personal style, controlled organization, unity  Writes a 3-5 paragraph essay with a clear thesis statement and a focused introductory paragraph,  Supports the development of the thesis with relevant details, facts, examples, and other information  Substitutes general terms with precise language to explain a topic  Uses a variety of transitional words and phrases to create cohesions within and between paragraphs  Uses a variety of sentence structures to enhance meaning (e.g., short, simple, compound, complex, compound-complex)  Uses a variety of sentences to create a certain effect in make your writing more interesting  Includes a closing statement that summarizes the information presented  Uses the criteria and levels of performance on the writing rubric to assess your writing 5 paragraph essay on focused topic Multiple paragraph essay using two different structures-sequence of ideas and comparison/contrast Graphic organizer – possible supporting details and information Essay revision task focusing on improving transitions and precise language. Self-assessment using essay rubric 11

12 Save the Dates 2012 Summer Institute June 25-28 2012/13 Follow-Up Dates September 18 November 27 March 12 May 21* 2013 Summer Institute June 18-21 *Optional - Curriculum Mapping 12

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