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Helping Verbs.

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1 Helping Verbs

2 Their Function Helping verbs "help" or combine with the main verb (which has the real meaning).

3 “To Be” Helping Verbs Am Is Are Was Were Be Being Been

4 “To Have” Helping Verbs
Has Had

5 “To Do” Helping Verbs Do Does Did

6 Helping Verbs Could Would Should

7 Helping Verbs Will Can Shall

8 Helping Verbs May Might Must

9 Keep in Mind… Not every sentence will have a helping verb with the main verb. When you see an "ing" verb such as "running", look for a helping verb also. Sometimes there is another word which separates the helping verb from the main verb. Example: "not" as in: The boy could not find his socks. Helping verb: could Main verb: find. A sentence may contain up to three helping verbs to the main verb. Example: The dog must have been chasing the cat. Helping verbs: must, have, and been; main verb: chasing.


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