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Testing and tagging. WorkSafe’s Goal Western Australian workplaces are free from death, injury and disease.

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1 Testing and tagging

2 WorkSafe’s Goal Western Australian workplaces are free from death, injury and disease.

3 Did you know…. 1 person is injured every thirty minutes seriously enough to take one or more days of shifts off work. On average a person is killed in WA as a result of a traumatic work related incident every 18 days. Each year on average two to three workers are electrocuted in Western Australia. 4,168 people being hurt each year to the extent that they require 60 or more days off work (the average being 260 days off). (Source: ASCC “Compendium of Workers Compensation Statistics 2004 to 2005”)

4 Provide and maintain a safe working environment, so far as practicable safe workplaces, plant and systems of work; information, instruction, training and supervision; opportunity to discuss dangers in the workplace with workers; ensure safe use of plant and substances; provide personal protective equipment and clothing; report accidents, injury and disease to WorkSafe Employers Duty of Care

5 Duty of Care Employees and Self employed people Take reasonable care to ensure their own safety and health at work; and Ensure that, as far as practicable, the work does not harm others

6 In particular, an employee must comply with safety and health instructions; use PPE where it is supplied; not damage or misuse safety equipment; report dangers and injuries; and cooperate with the employer regarding safety and health.

7 Safe workplaces, plant and systems of work Occupational Safety and Health Regulations 1996 Regulation 3.60 requires that all RCDs be kept in a safe working condition and tested regularly. Regulation 4.37 the person having control of a workplace must ensure that portable plug-in electrical equipment and residual current devices (RCDs) at the workplace are checked, tested, and appropriately inspected.

8 Who may test electrical equipment? A competent person must undertake the testing of electrical equipment. The person carrying out the tests must know what to: look at; look for; and do.

9 Two levels of competency licensed electrician using an insulation resistance meter and ohmmeter a person not qualified in electrical work uses a pass–fail electrical test instrument known as a portable appliance tester (PAT)

10 Who may inspect electrical equipment? users of equipment regularly inspecting the equipment and reporting, or a more formal inspection program for high risk equipment. Dependant upon the risk associated with the equipment and the level of knowledge required to assess whether the equipment is damaged.

11 Who may test residual current devices? a licensed electrician, or a person who has successfully completed a competency-assessed training course in the use of an RCD tester.

12 Using a portable appliance tester Demonstrate to the employer that: completed a nationally accredited training course; has the appropriate PAT and is competent in safe and effective use; uses a PAT that is regularly checked and verified as per the manufacturer’s Instructions; has carried out both visual inspections and electrical tests on electrical equipment in accordance with the requirements of AS/NZS 3012:2003; has kept, in a logbook, proof of competency and records of testing activity carried out

13 Who may authorise workers to ‘test and tag’? What records need to be kept?

14 What happens with damaged or non complying equipment?

15 Training Challenger TAFE, Rockingham (Michelle Jagger) (08) 9599 8628 College of Electrical Training (08) 9417 8166 Institute of Automotive Mechanical Engineers (08) 9478 1642


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