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Video 9 – Understanding Complex B2B Sales

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1 Video 9 – Understanding Complex B2B Sales
George Szanto IBMS Semester 6b Fall 2013

2 Outline of Topics What are complex B2B sales – a definition
New B2B purchasing realities Current problems & challenges facing B2B eMarketeers

3 Learning Objectives Understand the characteristics defining complex B2B sales cycles Name 2 – 3 different kinds of buying center roles commonly encountered in complex B2B sales Explain briefly how recent online B2B purchasing behavior has changed the nature and focus of corporate marketing and sales functions Give some examples of challenges or problems facing eMarketing practitioners in 2013

4 What is a Complex B2B Sale
Product/Service difficult to comprehend Influences buyer’s corporate strategy, tactics Personal risks to buyer’s reputation, status Long decision cycle, 6 months or more 4 – 10, or more, people involved on buyer’s side Sometimes requires or implies long(er) term relationship with vendor

5 Examples of Buying Center Roles

6 New Purchasing Realities
Shift of B2B to self education Target communications to wherever prospects spend time online Focus on attraction not capturing prospects

7 New Purchasing Realities (2)
Problem for buyers isn’t finding products or services online Problem is delivering outcomes, results that they are asked for!

8 Problems in B2B Corp. eMarketing
Many companies do not work in structured ways 68% no sale funnel 61% send leads directly to sales 79% don’t score leads 65% don’t nurture leads Fortunately –not my work experience the past 12 yrs. in NL

9 Problems in B2B Corp eMarketing
For More Information about Content Challenges for B2B Marketing Professionals – see the PDF document – from Marketing Sherpa Posted under Meeting # 1

10 Thank You Please attempt the online quiz associated with this lecture.
Also, you are expected to contribute to the online discussion question concerning this topic posted on the website.

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