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IBEROAMERICA INIA’s SYSTEM Paloma Melgarejo y Maria Jose Delgado.

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1 IBEROAMERICA INIA’s SYSTEM Paloma Melgarejo y Maria Jose Delgado

2 2 Instituto Nacional de Investigación y Tecnología Agraria y Alimentaria (INIA) National Institute of Research and Technology on Agro-Food Sciences Public Research Institution depending on the Ministry of Science and Innovacion of Spain (MCINN) does Research, Development and Technological Innovation related to Agro-Food Sciences (Agriculture, Food, Animal Science, Forestry and Environment)

3 INIA objectives Real Order 1951/2000 december 1 (STATUTE OF INIA)  To plan, coordinate and provide resources for scientific and technical research activities to the 17 Agricultural Research Services of the Spanish Autonomous Communities. To monitor and evaluate these activities.  To directly perform research, development, and technological innovation in Agro-Food Areas (Agriculture, Food, Animal Science, Forestry and Environment)

4 INIA STRUCTURE INIA STRUCTURE International Relationships R&Dt Transfer Office

5 INIA ACTIVITIES 1.As Public Research Institution. To perform agricultural and food research based on competitive national and international calls and private agreements. 10 Centres and 5 Departments. Approx. one thousand people 2.As coordinator at national level in agricultural and food research Projects (R & D), Equipment and Infrastructures and Doctors contracting. 3.As manager of international relationships and cooperation activities in agricultural and food research. activities in agricultural and food research.

6 INTERNATIONAL RELATIONSHIPS  Multilateral relationships: representing CGIAR, EURAGRI and other fora  Bilateral relationships  Relationships with the European Union  International courses  Iberoamerica INIA’s system

7 IBEROAMERICA INIA’s SYSTEM A permanent forum for cooperation, training and information among the national agricultural research organizations of Spain, Portugal and Iberoamerican countries. Singing of constitution act in Lima (Perú), March 5, 2003

8 IBEROAMERICA INIA’s SYSTEM The activity fields of the system approved at the II Meeting, Lima 2003, are: 1.Institutional support to strengthen agro- food research 2.Strategic Projects 3.Training: Doctorships and short stages

9  Activity developed frommd in 2003  Technical support of INIA Spain  Programme of technical assistances 1- INSTITUTIONAL STRENGTHENING OF INTA-COSTA RICA

10 2- STRATEGIC PROJECTS Initial projects: Poverty reduction in the Andean highlands (Puno) through production, processing and marketing of agricultural products, with CIP Global Mountain Programme, with CIP Urban agriculture in the East Cone of Lima, with CIP Germplasm: conservation and sustainable use of agrobiodiverstity of native potatoes, with CIP

11 2- STRATEGIC PROJECTS In course: Germplasm development of durum wheat, soft wheat and triticale, with CIMMYT Project of cereals in Saraguro (Ecuador), with CIMMYT Genetic resources of wheat for the sustainability of production systems of the South Cone, with CIMMYT Network for innovation on potato improvement, with CIP

12 2- STRATEGIC PROJECTS In preparation : Adaptation to climatic change of biological methods to control Tuta absoluta, Trialeurodes vaporarium y Bemisia tabaci, important pests of agricultural crops, with CIAT Innovation in forage resources to improve competitivity and environmental sustainability in integrated systems of animal production in Central America, with CIAT Y CATIE

13 IBEROAMERICA INIA’s SYSTEM Doctorship programme Duration 4 years Trips to Spain 3 - 4 Stays in Spain 12 months Number of grants in 2004 26 Number of grants in 2008 24 TRAINING

14 IBEROAMERICA INIA’s SYSTEM Programme of short stages and technological interchanges OBJECTIVES Training of researches in new research techniques Preparation of proposals for project submission to multinational calls Training of research managers TRAINING

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