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2 Immigrant: A person who comes to a new country to live there permanently
Emigrant: A person who moves away from a country permanently

3 Canada Immigration Immigrants or descendants of immigrants make up 98% of Canadians As a result, Canada’s population can be described as multicultural

4 Canada Immigration FROM WHERE?
In the late 40’s and 50’s, the war devastated Italy, so Canada provided many new residents better economic opportunities Most recently, people looking for economic opportunities have come to Canada from countries like Portugal, India, and Jamaica - they saw improved economic opportunities

5 Canada Immigration Pull Factors - qualities that attract you to that country Freedom Peace Jobs Education Political Reasons Environment (climate, housing, medical care) Family ties

6 Canada Immigration Push Factors - reasons for leaving a country
Loss of job Recession Violence Oppression Poverty War Fear Natural Disasters

7 Canada Immigration Why Choose Canada?
Large landmass, abundant natural resources & small population Democratic, open society Multicultural population welcoming to newcomers Well developed infrastructure, health, educational and other systems Highly industrialized, vibrant economy with many opportunities for skilled workers & business persons

8 Canada Immigration Benefits of Immigration Increase population
Economic Gain Increase in cultural diversity Increase in standard of living in the part of immigrants A younger workforce Skilled workers

9 Canada Immigration 1.China 2.India 3.Philippines 4.Pakistan
Top 10 countries that immigrated to Canada (2006) 1.China 2.India 3.Philippines 4.Pakistan 5.United States 6.Iran 7.United Kingdom 8.Republic of South Korea 9.Colombia 10.France

10 Canada Immigration The number of immigrants for each province and
Territory Ontario (115,000) Québec (26,000) British Columbia (45,000) Alberta (15,000) Nova Scotia (3,800) Manitoba (3,600) Saskatchewan (1900) Newfoundland (600) New Brunswick (600) PEI (200) Yukon Territories (100) North West Territories (100)

11 Canada Immigration Refugees
A refugee is someone who fears persecution (or even death) in his or her home country To be considered a refugee, this persecution must arise for reasons of race, religion, nationality, political opinion, or membership in a particular social group People can apply to become a refugee while in Canada as a visitor or while living in their home country

12 Canada Immigration Refugees
The number of refugees coming to Canada ranges from to each year UN recognized Canada with a special award because of Canada’s treatment of refugees over the years

13 Canada Immigration Why does Canada accept refugees?
Unlike most immigrants, most refugees do not bring in the same skills, training and investment dollars Refugees do increase population Accepted for humanitarian reasons: - Canada has much land, water, food and is rich compared to other countries - Canada has the resources to help

14 Refugee Camp

15 Immigration Questions
What are the benefits of immigration? Immigration has made Canada a unique country, how? How has your life been affected by immigration? Think about the things that you value in life. Make a list of 5 pull factors that are encouraging you to remain in Canada. Would you ever leave Canada? Why or why not?


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