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EU Funding For Law Centres Pamela Fitzpatrick and Flora Williams.

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1 EU Funding For Law Centres Pamela Fitzpatrick and Flora Williams

2 Considerations: EU funding programmes run on a seven year-cycle New cycle starts 2014-2020 (Europe 2020 Strategy) Commission is looking to fund innovative projects that build on previously funded initiatives

3 Funding opportunities from 2014 Combating Crime and protecting rights Investing in education and promoting creativity Smart Growth and sustainable development

4 Combating Crime and Protecting Ri ghts Crime and Justice Domestic Violence and Discrimination Migrants and Refugees Heath and drug prevention Employment and Social Inclusion

5 Domestic Violence More than 430 million Euro over 7 years Funding targeted at: – Promoting and protecting the rights of the child – Protecting women from violence – Promoting the implementation of the principle of non discrimination – Encouraging the exercise of the rights deriving from the citizenship of the Union

6 Domestic Violence What will be funded ? Developing training for professionals working with vulnerable children Enhancing children’s understanding of rights Raising awareness of gender based violence Identifying gaps in provision of specialist support services Fighting hate speech and discrimination Promoting equality between men and women

7 Migrants and Refugees 3.9 billion Euros Funding awarded to projects: – Promoting the integration of third-country nationals – Contributing to the implementation of the Common European Asylum System – Developing and implementing resettling programmes – Supporting sustainable returns

8 Migrants and refugees What type of projects will be funded? Delivering training to third country nationals Supporting third-country nationals to access public services Improving reception conditions and asylum procedures in Member States Improving legal and social assistance available to asylum seekers Supporting empowerment of and acquisition of skills by refugees

9 Health and Drug Prevention 500 million Euro available Funding targeted at: – Protecting the EU from cross border health threats – Helping Member States to respond to economic and demographic challenges facing their health systems – Improving the health of the EU citizens – Preventing and reducing drug demand

10 Health and Prevention What type of projects? Identifying cost-effective prevention measures addressing health risk factors Developing guidelines to improve access to and quality of healthcare Promoting healthy aging across the life cycle Raising awareness of the problems caused by drug use

11 Employment and Social inclusion 815 million Euros available Funding targeted at: – Contributing to the implementation of EU law – Improving social protections systems – Facilitating the transition from unemployment and education to work

12 Employment and Social Inclusion What will be funded? Improving the provision of quality childcare Developing partnerships between training providers, educational institutions and employers to provide quality traineeship Improving quality of employment guidance services Increasing career progression opportunities Developing evidence based policy

13 Investing in education and promoting creativity 19 Billion available Help young people gain more and better skills Enhance teaching quality in the EU Promote youth participation n society

14 The Role of LCN Set up a European Funding Support Network for Law Centres who are interested in participating in European funded projects

15 Projects may not always directly relate to face to face legal advice but could be e.g. Training or PLE on social welfare issues such as discrimination. Law Centre must be prepared to contribute match funding Law Centre must be prepared to deliver project outputs and all reports e.t.c Considerations

16 LCN will provide: Training and run workshops on relevant topics Give regular updates on EU Funding opportunities as they arise Provide support to individual Law Centres who may wish to go it alone Devise appropriate projects with input from Law Centres

17 To join the European Funding Support Network or for more information, please contact: Flora Williams or Pam Fitzpatrick Tel: 07590050898 or Tel: 0208 863 4355

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