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Funding Opportunities for Faculty in Germany Herzlich Willkommen!

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1 Funding Opportunities for Faculty in Germany Herzlich Willkommen!

2 Who Are We? ►German national agency for international academic cooperation and exchange ►Independent association of universities ►Providing scholarships, information, counseling ►$300 million annual budget, 50,000+ scholarships awarded annually ►Regional Office for Canada and the US

3 Destination Germany ►180,000 international students – the third most popular destination worldwide! ►A country in the heart of Europe, one or two hours – and as little as $30 dollars – away from Paris, London, Rome, Prague and Warsaw ►The leading economy of the European Union

4 German Higher Education ►Research Universities: undergraduate, professional and doctoral programs ►Universities of Applied Sciences (Fachhochschulen): practice-oriented Bachelor’s and Master’s programs ►How to find the best institutions in any field: “CHE Rankings”, new results published in German at h ttp://

5 Recent Developments: Bologna Process ►Creation of a European Higher Education Area by 2010 ►Introduction of Bachelor’s, Master’s, PhD (typically 3 + 2 + 3 years) ►Several hundred international degree programs taught in English ►New opportunities to enter Germany as a student – or for German students to start grad school in Canada

6 DAAD Visiting Professorship Program ►Opportunities for professors or others to teach in Germany ► Must have invitation from German institution ►Courses in English or German – and all fields eligible ►Deadlines: July 15 or January 15

7 DAAD-Cornell Summer Seminar ►Bring scholars from the US & Canada together to discuss topics in German Studies ►Funding for tuition, travel, room, and board for seminar available to qualified candidates ►Deadline: March 1

8 Conference Funding: German Studies ►For seminars, conferences, workshops & lectures ►Historical, political, economic, social & cultural aspects of contemporary Germany ►50% of funding must come from other sources ►Deadlines: June 15 or October 15

9 Group Study Visits ►10-15 students and one professor visit Germany for 7-12 days ►Trips organized to fit curriculum of particular course and should include some visit to academic institutions ►Funding helps defray costs of room and board

10 Re-Invitation Program ►For former DAAD one-year scholarship holders ►Well-defined research project ►One to three months at a university or research institute in Germany

11 Grad Students: Study Scholarships ►Support for one or two years of study in Germany ►Can be used to earn a master’s or doctoral degree – some taught in English – at a German university ►German language ability should be commensurate with needs ►Around 20 awarded annually

12 Grad Students: Research Grants ►1 to 10 months (with possibility of one-year extension) ►For graduate students, PhD candidates and postdocs ►Around 30 short term (< 6 mo.) and 90 long-term awarded annually ►Must have well-defined research project ►TIP: Invitation by host institution essential

13 Grad Students: Language Courses ►Learn German for 8 weeks at top language institutes in Germany ►Any field except English, German, or other modern language or literature ►Must have 3 semesters of college German

14 Grads/Undergrads: Summer Courses ►Summer courses at German universities in hundreds of topics ►Combine coursework with language learning ►Scholarships only for courses taught in German – 2 years minimum language requirement

15 Undergraduate Scholarships ►Funding for study abroad, internships, or senior thesis research ►Open to students in all fields ►Previous knowledge of German not required, but advantageous ►4-10 months during the German academic year ►Around 60 awarded annually from over 400 applicants

16 Also for Undergrads: RISE ►“Research Internships in Science and Engineering” ►6-12 weeks in summer ►No German required and scholarships and housing assistance are provided ►100 interns placed in 2005 – more for 2006

17 Partner Grants ►DAAD-Leibniz Scholarship: basic and applied research, interdisciplinary ►DAAD-AICGS Summer Research Fellowship: contemporary German Studies ►Leo Baeck Institute-DAAD Grant: history and culture of German-speaking Jewry ►Helmholtz-DAAD Grant: earth and environment, health, key technologies, structure of matter, transportation, and space

18 For more information… ►Visit our website: ►Write us: ►Other web resources:

19 Vielen Dank We hope to see you in Germany soon!

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