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By: Logan Sheldon and Cody Jefferys Are Genetically Modified Foods Safe to Eat?

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1 By: Logan Sheldon and Cody Jefferys Are Genetically Modified Foods Safe to Eat?

2 What are Genetically Modified Foods? Genetically Modified Foods are foods produced from organisms that have had specific changes introduced into their DNA using the methods of genetic engineering. These techniques have allowed for the introduction of new crop traits as well as a far greater control over a food's genetic structure than previously afforded by methods such as selective breeding and mutation breeding. This is why this topic is of more concern to us than most because the U. S is the Leading Producer and consumer of GMO’s.

3 Where Can GM Foods Be Found? Experts say 60% to 70% of processed foods on U.S. grocery shelves have genetically modified ingredients. Researchers from the Food Policy Institute at Rutgers' Cook College found that only 52% of Americans realized that genetically modified foods are sold in grocery stores and only 26% believed that they have ever eaten genetically modified foods -- a modest 6% increase since 2001.

4 Are GM Foods Safe to Eat??? Henry I. Miller and Gregory Conko Say Yes Jeffrey M. Smith (Ecologist) Says No More abundance of food. Safer to eat. Can make foods cheaper. Prevent Diseases. Easier to control. Better for the Natural Environment. GM foods create new bacteria and viruses. Big business in control. Increased livestock mortality rate. Effects social and natural ecosystems. Most consumers don’t know if foods are GM related.

5 Videos : Pros and Cons Pros Video /watch?v=OW9d9LexUrY (3 min. 37 sec.) /watch?v=OW9d9LexUrY Notice who created each Video!!! Discuss Cons Video om/watch?v=1H9WZG KQeYg (3min. 50 sec.) om/watch?v=1H9WZG KQeYg Noticed who created each video!!! Discuss

6 Bio-Engineered Animal Foods?!?! Human Breast milk from a cow is a reality: “Moo-mmy I’m Thirsty. “ Disembodied meat grown in Petri dishes is also now being perfected. Tobacco Plants fused with firefly genes so they would have a light glow at night. Many more unreal combinations of genes has and still is being experimented with.

7 Saving Millions Of Lives GM foods can be created to resist natural predators and diseases. They can also be genetically modified to resist drought and other harsh conditions. Finally they can be fortified to provide that area with certain qualities of interest.

8 What Side Are You On?!?!? The U.S. government's position: Genetically engineered crops are safe, resist disease better, and can provide much-needed food in starving nations. The U.S. is the largest producer of genetically modified crops, but more than a dozen countries around the world have latched on to the technology. Other benefits include: Increased pest and disease resistance Drought tolerance, Increased food supply. Can make farmers rich. Easier to Control Better for environment Endless Possibilities. The EU position: Keep it out. We prefer organic, which is healthier. The risks outweigh the benefits. Only the multinational biotech companies will benefit, dominating the world food supply and squeezing out traditional farmers. 'Frankenfood' Fears (Risks) include: Introducing allergens and toxins to food, Accidental contamination between genetically modified and non-genetically modified foods Antibiotic resistance Adversely changing the nutrient content of a crop Creation of "super" weeds and other environmental risks

9 References / Works Cited Easton. (2013). Are Genetically Modified Foods Safe to Eat? Current Issues In Health (pp.270-288). USA: McGraw Hill- Education Pandey, P. P., Kumar, B. B., & Tiwari, D. K. (2010). Environmental Considerations Concerning the Release of Genetically Modified Organisms. Proenvironment Promediu, 3(6), 381-384.

10 Choose your side (Europe or USA = Against GM foods and For GM Foods) and we will begin by getting into two half circles facing each other to create a whole circle. DEBATE Are GM foods Safe to Eat…ETC.

11 Questions/Topics Are GM foods safe to Eat? Why or why not? Are GM foods safe for the environment? Why or Why not? Do you think citizens should have the right to know whether or not a food is genetically modified? Justify your answer. Do you believe that GM foods can affect a persons development or health? Good or Bad? Why or Why Not?

12 Conclusion GM Foods have many benefits, but research should be regulated more and laws should be created to protect as many people a possible and not just big business.

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