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Coach Markus. True or False. A shot of vodka has the same amount of alcohol as a can of beer. True.

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1 Coach Markus

2 True or False. A shot of vodka has the same amount of alcohol as a can of beer. True

3 Many of the problems caused by alcohol are due to loss of judgment. True.

4 One drink can affect a person’s ability to drive. True.

5 Alcohol overdose can be fatal. True.

6 Children of alcoholics have an increased risk of becoming alcoholics. True.

7 Alcoholism affects only the alcoholic. False.

8 Drunk driving is the No. 1 cause of death among teens in the United States. False.

9 State why alcohol is considered a drug. List the short-term effects of alcohol abuse. Describe the long-term damage that alcohol does to the organs of the body. Identify three reasons you should not drink alcohol.

10 Alcohol Intoxication Blood alcohol concentration (BAC) Binge drinking Cirrhosis

11 Alcohol is the drug found in beer, wine, and liquor that causes intoxication. Why is alcohol considered a drug?

12 Intoxication is the mental and physical changes that occur in the body by drinking alcohol.

13 “Drinking a beer will make me look more mature.”

14 “If alcohol were that dangerous, it wouldn’t be legal for adults.”

15 “If I’ve had a few beers, I can drink some coffee before I drive and will be safe.”

16 “Parties make me nervous, so I need a beer to loosen up.”

17 Nausea Vomiting Dehydration Loss of judgment/self-control Reduced reaction time Poor vision Memory Loss Blackouts Coma Death (5)

18  Mouth/throat/stomach irritation  Heart works harder  Loss of heat  Liver has to work harder  Dehydration (3)

19 Blood Alcohol Concentration is the amount of alcohol in a person’s blood. (%)


21 “If I weigh 160 lbs., I can drink three beers without affecting my driving because I’ll still be under the legal limit of 0.08.”

22 Nope!! The ability to drive is affected even at a BAC of 0.02. Just one drink can affect a person’s ability to drive safely.

23 Binge drinking is the act of drinking five or more drinks in one setting.  A person can drink a fatal amount even before the effects of intoxication occur  Alcohol poisoning can occur when the brain and heart stop working correctly.


25 Coach Markus

26 State the difference between alcohol and alcoholism. Describe the stages of alcoholism. Identify the warning signs of alcoholism. List three ways that alcohol can have a negative effect on family life. Describe how alcoholism affects society. Summarize two treatment options for overcoming alcoholism.

27 Alcohol abuse Alcoholism Enabling Fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS)

28 20%The percentage of adults who lived with an alcoholic at some point in while growing up.

29 11 Million The number of children currently living in homes with an alcoholic.

30 75%The percentage of domestic violence cases in which alcohol is involved.

31 Alcohol abuse is drinking too much alcohol, drinking it too often, or drinking it at inappropriate times.

32 Alcoholism is a disease that causes a person to lose control of his or her drinking behavior.  Drinker is both physically and emotionally addicted to alcohol  They suffer painful physical symptoms when they do not have alcohol

33 Alcoholism DependenceTolerance Problem Drinking

34 Age  Prior to age 15 = 4x more likely to become an alcoholic  Brains still developing. More vulnerable to the effects of alcohol.

35 Social Environment  Hanging out with friends that drink  Peer pressure  Fitting in

36 Genetics  Research shows it may play a part in your chances of becoming an alcoholic  Tends to run in families  Male child of alcoholic fathers 25% more likely  7-9% risk for children of non-alcoholics

37 Risk-taking personality  Impulsive  Novelty  Enjoy risk taking

38 Drinking to deal with anger or frustration Changing friends, personal habits, interests Being defensive about drinking Depression Drinking more to get more effect Drinking alone Drinking to get drunk on purpose Memory lapses after drinking

39 Guilty Feelings “It’s my fault she is an alcoholic.”

40 Unpredictable behavior “I don’t understand why you were so happy this morning and now you are so angry!”

41 Neglect and Isolation “Daddy is always drinking beer and watching TV and won’t play with me.”

42 Protecting the Alcoholic = Enabling Enabling means helping the addict avoid negative consequences.

43 Ignoring one’s own needs “I am missing my dentist appointment because my husband can’t be left alone when he is drunk.”

44 Violence Families of alcoholics are far more likely to become victims of violence.

45 Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS) is a set of physical and mental defects that affect a fetus that has been exposed to alcohol during pregnancy. tch?v=K0VrkLQfkFg&safe=active


47 Drinking and Jail  Legal age in U.S. is 21  Minor in Possession (MIP)  Public Intoxication (PI)  Drunk and disorderly  Alcohol-related incident (ARI)  Driving Under Influence (DUI)

48 Drinking and Sexual Activity  Loss of control of your thoughts and body

49 Drinking and Swimming  38% + of drowning deaths are alcohol related  Head and Neck injury

50 Drinking and Teen Brains  Affects development  Greater risk of alcoholism


52 1. What condition can be caused by drinking alcohol while pregnant? 2. List two short-term effects of alcohol on the body. 3. List one long-term effect of alcohol on the body. 4. What does BAC stand for? 5. List the 4 stages of alcoholism.

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