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Illinois Department of Natural Resources. Illinois Coastal Management Program Illinois was officially approved as a Coastal Management Program on Jan.

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1 Illinois Department of Natural Resources

2 Illinois Coastal Management Program Illinois was officially approved as a Coastal Management Program on Jan 31, 2012 Purposes: 1. support partnerships among governmental agencies, and organizations. 2. strengthen local stakeholder capacity, 3. initiate and continue effective coastal management.

3 ICMP – The Big Picture

4 Stormwater in the Coastal Zone As part of the requirements for a NOAA Coastal Management Program, the Illinois Coastal Program is in the process of developing a non-point source pollution prevention program for the Coastal Zone within 30 months of program approval. Basically, “nonpoint source pollution” is contamination of waterways from widely- distributed sources, especially stormwater runoff in our urbanized region. Our program must identify specific management measures to protect coastal waters from urban sources of nonpoint pollution. "Management measures" are defined as economically achievable measures to control the addition of pollutants to coastal waters through the application of the best available practices, technologies, processes, siting criteria, operating methods, etc. The Coastal nonpoint program will work with and expand upon existing nonpoint source management activities: strengthen the links between federal and state water quality programs, and enhance efforts to manage land use activities that degrade coastal waters and habitats. reflect the shared responsibility between federal, state, local, and regional entities regarding coastal nonpoint source pollution issues within the coastal zone.

5 Potential Stormwater Actions in the Coastal Zone Close coordination with the IEPA 319 (watershed) program. Work with Coastal Communities to reduce and manage stormwater that affects Lake Michigan. Provide planning and implementation grants to Coastal Communities to reduce harmful stormwater runoff. (e.g. funding to plan and develop rain gardens and install permeable pavers) Work with additional partners to find value-added actions for stormwater planning and management. Provide educational materials and opportunities to promote Best Management Practices to reduce stormwater effects on Lake Michigan. (could use questions from tonight to guide materials needed)

6 Illinois Lake Michigan Implementation Plan (ILMIP) Implementation plan is based on: Goals of the Lake Michigan Lakewide Management Plans Priorities of the Illinois Coastal Management Program

7 What is ILMIP? Wiki-based plan-using new technologies and approaches to plan development Assembles a network of stakeholders Identifies local needs of the Illinois coastal zone Prioritizes issues and proposed projects Will help guide resource allocations for Illinois Coastal Management grant program May be used by other agencies and organizations for their funding decisions.

8 Public Participation The Illinois Coastal Program is actively seeking public input and participation in identifying key management actions for out program. Participate in the Lake Michigan Ecosystem Partnership – The Illinois Lake Michigan Implementation Plan is a current effort to identify the regional priorities that fit with Coastal Program priorities and the Lake Michigan Lakewide Management Plan. Go to to provide your input on needed actions in the watershed of Lake Michigan. Participate in the Illinois Lake Michigan Implementation Plan WIKI. Public meetings will be held later this year to present our draft Implementation Plan. The Illinois Coastal Non-point Source Pollution Prevention Program will be drafted in the upcoming year. Several public meetings will be held to introduce the program and gather additional input and comments on the plan.

9 Illinois Coastal Grant Program ICMP Grant Program is now accepting applications - due July 1 – for education and outreach projects. Subsequent grant cycles will include additional categories of projects including: planning, habitat management, land acquisition, and low cost construction projects. ICMP will have $750,000 - $1,000,000 available annually for the grant program. ICMP has identified green infrastructure – stormwater management practices – as a priority for our program.

10 Who is Eligible to Apply Units of government. Area-wide agencies including county and regional planning agencies and state agencies. Colleges and universities. Park districts, conservation districts, school districts, port authorities, and basin commissions. Non-profit organizations that are 501(c)(3) can act as contractors under an above- listed entity.

11 Additional Grant Information Our website includes much more information and guidance about the grant program Grants Manual Application Instructions Application Application Narrative Detailed Proposed Budget Flyer Please visit the website!

12 Additional Program Information Our website includes much more information about the Illinois Coastal Management Program” Or contact me! Diane Tecic – Coastal Program Director 312-814-0665


14 Grant Requirements Project must be located in Coastal Zone 50% non-federal match for large projects (over $2000). Must be for public (not private) benefit, public access required Comprehensive Environmental Review and NEPA compliance Costs must be covered by grantee and will be reimbursed by grant.

15 Grant Program Eligible projects : Projects to preserve, protect, and enhance Illinois’ Lake Michigan coastal resources and facilitate cooperation and coordination among state and local units of government, regional agencies, interest groups, and stakeholders. Four categories of grants: Non-construction and small grants (e.g. education, planning, studies, signs, workshops) Low-cost construction (involve use of machinery and includes green infrastructure stormwater practices ) Habitat restoration (E.g. prairie planting, invasive species removal) Land acquisition (fee simple or easements – must have public access) Ineligible projects include: Improvements to private property or for private enterprise. Beach re-nourishment, Restroom facility construction, Large-scale hard structure erosion control projects. General recreation facilities such as playgrounds or ball fields, Road and parking lot construction, Water and sewer line construction, Mandatory /mitigation restoration or contamination cleanup projects.

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