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Introduction to Grid Computing Ann Chervenak Carl Kesselman And the members of the Globus Team.

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1 Introduction to Grid Computing Ann Chervenak Carl Kesselman And the members of the Globus Team

2 The Computataional Grid l Emerging computational and networking infrastructure  pervasive, uniform, and reliable access to remote data, computational, sensor, and human resources l Enable entirely new approaches to applications and problem solving  remote resources the rule, not the exception l Wide-area distributed computing  national and international

3 What Can You Do with One? l Combine dozens of supercomputers to solve a single problem l Link realtime satellite data feeds with distributed computational and display systems l Enable schools across the country to participate in interactive simulations and data analysis l Interactively combine the output of many independent servers to analyze a new genome l Build a network of immersive virtual reality sites to collaboratively design a new vehicle

4 Simulation Example: Aeronautic Design Collaboration InstrumentationDesign data

5 Why Now? l The Internet as infrastructure  Increasing bandwidth, advanced services l Advances in storage capacity  Terabytes, petabytes per site l Increased availability of compute resources  clusters, supercomputers, etc. l Advanced applications  simulation based design, advanced scientific instruments,...

6 Today’s Information Infrastructure l Network-centric: simple, fixed end systems; few embedded capabilities; few services; no user-level quality of service O(10 6 ) nodes

7 Tomorrow’s Infrastructure: Not Just “Faster and More Reliable” l Application-centric: heterogeneous, mobile end- systems; many embedded capabilities; rich services; user-level quality of service QoS Resource Discovery Caching O(10 9 ) nodes

8 Grid Services Architecture Applications Grid Services Layer InformationResource mgmt SecurityData accessFault detection... Grid Fabric Layer TransportMulticast InstrumentationControl interfacesQoS mechanisms... High-energy physics data analysis Regional climate studies Collaborative engineering Parameter studies On-line instrumentation Application Toolkit Layer Distributed computing Data- intensive Collab. design Remote viz Remote control

9 Grid Services (“Middleware”) l Standard services that  Provide uniform, high-level access to a wide range of resources (including networks)  Address interdomain issues of security, policy, etc.  Permit application-level management and monitoring of end-to-end performance l Middleware-level and higher-level APIs and tools targeted at application programmers  Map between application and Grid

10 GUSTO Computational Grid

11 Emmerging Production Grids NASA Information Power Grid PACI Grid

12 Today l Definition of grid computing l Syllabus, class requirements l How does grid computing differ from traditional distributed computing? l Where do grids get their names? l What basic services must be provided by a grid infrastructure?

13 Course Syllabus l Part 1: The Basics of Grid Computing  Grid book and recent papers  General discussion of each topic followed by focus on the Globus approach l Part 2: Advanced Topics  Focus on recent papers  Examine some other systems, some Globus tools in greater detail l Prerequisites:  Courses in operating systems and networks, preferably at the graduate level  Prefer some distributed systems knowledge

14 Additional Information l Class web site  l Required text------  l Additional papers provided l Other sites:  Globus web site:   Grid forum web site: 

15 Requirements l Attendance and participation l Reading  Each student is responsible for a written summary of a subset of papers covered l Presentation  Each student will give a 30-40 minute presentation on a paper covered in class l Project: second half of course  Survey project or experiment with Globus infrastructure l Photo pages: due next Tuesday

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