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Continue Increasing Taxes on Tobacco Products

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1 Continue Increasing Taxes on Tobacco Products

2 Background Tobacco Use Increase rates of cancer Lung cancer
Heart disease Poor blood flow High blood pressure Secondhand smoke can cause premature birth and miscarriages Questions on edits: Abuse vs overuse? Give examples of heart disease? Poor blood flow instead of poor circulation? 2

3 Key Facts on Tobacco Use
Tobacco use is the cause of 6 million deaths per year Tobacco kills up to HALF of its users Deaths may increase to up to 8 million by 2030 Over 7,000 known chemicals are found in secondhand smoke (the smoke that comes from a cigarette or that is let out by a smoker) Source: World Health Organization Tobacco Fact Sheet (July 2013). U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. The Health Consequences of Involuntary Exposure to Tobacco Smoke: A Report of the Surgeon General. Atlanta: U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Coordinating Center for Health Promotion, National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion, Office on Smoking and Health, 2006. Image: 3

4 It is estimated that two people die each minute from tobacco-related disease in the Western Pacific Region. Source:

5 Community Preventative Services Task Force
Reviewed 116 studies on increasing tobacco products Lowers the total number of tobacco consumed Lowers the number of people using tobacco Increases the number of tobacco users that quit Lowers the number of young people who start using tobacco Lowers tobacco-related illness and death Source: Task Force on Community Preventive Services. (2001). Recommendations regarding interventions to reduce tobacco use and exposure to environmental tobacco smoke. Am J Prev Med; 20(2S):10-5. Questions on edits: Lowers instead of reduces 5

6 General Tobacco Effects
Raising tobacco prices will decrease the number of people that smoke A decrease in tobacco use will decrease the level of poverty Questions on edits: Changed prevalence to number of people? Another word for poverty? Changed increasing to raising?

7 U.S. State Cigarette Tax Rates, 2013

8 Important Considerations
The money made from a tobacco tax can be used for health promotion and disease prevention programs If tobacco prices increase by 10%: lowers the smoking of cigarettes in many countries youth and adult smokers decrease by 2.5% to 5% Gilbert, A. & Cornuz, J. (2003). Which are the most effective and cost-effective interventions for tobacco control? Copenhagen, WHO Regional Office for Europe, (Health Evidence Network report; Image courtesy: 8

9 Youth and Tobacco Due to a raise in tobacco taxes of about $1.36 per pack, tobacco use among youths in Guam and the Mariana Islands decreased. Image courtesy: 9

10 Recommendations Increasing taxation on tobacco products
Type of tax: Import duty, excise, and sales tax Tax cigarettes WHO tax stimulation model (TaXSim) Very accessible simulator Link source:

11 Best Practices Raise cigarette tax by at least 10% of a state’s average retail price per pack for there to be any health benefit. Anything less does not have an effect on health. Include the definition of tobacco products, include little cigars, roll-your-own tobacco and other loose tobacco. Source: 11

12 What can churches do? Get youth to take part in church activities
Teach your community about the harmful effects of tobacco and secondhand smoke Support those who are trying to quit using tobacco and betel nut Ban tobacco at church events

13 What can schools do? Teach your students about the harmful effects of tobacco and the problems it can have on their health Enforce rules about not smoking at school Have a week of awareness to discuss the harmful effects of tobacco use Ban smoking at school events and school activities Questions on edits: Another word for “enforce”?

14 What can communities do?
Enforce smoke-free policies Start up smoke-free community events and ban tobacco ads at community gatherings Work together to help raise taxes on tobacco Teach your community about the harmful effects of tobacco and secondhand smoke Research and gather local information on tobacco harms in your community

15 What can I do? Form or join a team to help raise tobacco taxes
Talk to people in your community that want to help you Reach out to people in your local government who can help you Put together a team who can help you talk at community meetings to help teach others about the harms of tobacco and raising the tobacco tax

16 Continue increasing taxes on tobacco products A Palauan Example
Target Population: National Summary: RPPL 9-4, SD1, HD4 Tobacco Tax Increase  Palau had an existing importation tax for tobacco products at $2.00 Palau Non Communicable Diseases (NCD) Unit worked with its traditional partners such as: the Cancer Coalition, the Coalition for Tobacco Free Palau, and the Ministry of Health (MOH), to further increase the tax on all tobacco products in Palau, including all imports and local products as well as electronic cigarettes With the unified support also coming from Palau’s current administration, World Health Organization (WHO) and the civil society, Congress passed a law on September 2013 increasing the tobacco tax from $2.00 to $3.50 The law also limits travelers coming in to Palau from carrying more than 1 opened pack of cigarettes; any extra cigarette packs, are subject to the $3.50 tobacco tax

17 Who to contact? James Rarick Technical Officer, Tobacco Free Initiative WHO Western Pacific Regional Office Manila, Philippines 

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