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GUIDED READING APRIL 2014 Kemsley Primary Academy.

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1 GUIDED READING APRIL 2014 Kemsley Primary Academy

2 Making progress in reading There are two fundamental principles to developing skilled readers: “…that the reader recognises and understands the words on the page (that is, word recognition processes or decoding) the development of language comprehension (that is, written texts as well as spoken language are understood and interpreted).” ‘Getting them reading early’ Ofsted: training materials for inspectors (Oct 2011)

3 Assessment foci There are 7 assessment foci for reading (that are used to assess children’s abilities). Assessment foci in red are linked to word recognition Assessment foci in blue are linked to language comprehension

4 Assessment foci continued… AF1 – Use a range of strategies including accurate decoding of text, to read for meaning AF2 – Understand, describe, select or retrieve information, events or ideas from texts and use quotation and reference to text AF3 – Deduce, infer or interpret information, events or ideas from texts AF4 – Identify and comment on the structure and organisation of texts, including grammatical and presentational features of text AF5 – Explain and comment on writers’ use of language, including grammatical and literary features at word and sentence level AF6 – Identify and comment on writers’ purposes and viewpoints and the overall effect of the text on the reader AF7 – Relates texts to their social, cultural and historical contexts and literary traditions


6 What do we do? Decoding Decoding teaching is good and improving. 2 phonics sessions a day for all children in KS1 Whole school approach that is founded on ‘letters and sounds’ ‘Setting’ for phonics in year 1 and 2 Pass level for phonics screen at similar levels to Kent, set to improve this year Conversion rate in year 2 is strong Extra support in year 3 for those children who need a boost

7 What do we do? Comprehension Format has been as follows: Guided reading sessions daily (from year 1 upwards) Children in ability groupings Shared text Some independent activities Carousel approach to activities Questioning to gain understanding of children’s knowledge

8 What needs to change? Phonics (decoding) is taught. We provide children with objectives for learning, model approaches and check understanding through tasks / activities as well as their ability to physically decode words Comprehension is acquired through asking questions – the ‘standard’ model of teaching is missing. This is similar across most schools.

9 What does the new model look like? Guided reading still takes place every day Each week has a specified AF. This is the same across the whole school (exception of year 6). The AF will be published on the newsletter. At least 2 of the guided reading sessions will be taught input – whole class teaching that focuses on the assessment area, gives examples, provides success criteria Remaining 3 guided reading sessions will allow children to continue with similar activities to before; main focus of questioning will be the chosen AF Working to ensure that children know what the next step is (‘spot charts’) Feeding into writing – thinking as an author by analysing work of authors

10 Working together Check the newsletter, what is our weekly AF? Refer to the guidance sheet, what kind of questions can you focus on? Ask the children about the AF; can they recall some of the success criteria Cross-curricular – ask children how their new found reading knowledge will impact their writing; help them build the links Breadth! Ensure that children can answer the varying assessment foci questions. Decoding isn’t ‘everything’. Read to your children and ask them questions related to comprehension. Level of books is almost irrelevant when considering comprehension (think picture books and year 6!)

11 Any questions?

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