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2 Before entering a classroom, the teacher need to:
Formulate objectives, Select and organize content, Choose teaching methods, and design assignment, and Finally evaluate learning.

3 I . Developing a course outline or syllabus
Course outline include: The name of the course. The name of instructor. A one- paragraph course description. A list of course description. Teaching methods to be used. The method of evaluation. The text book or other readings.

4 A course outline or syllabus is considered a contract between teacher and learners.

5 II. Formulating objectives:
WHY do we need to have objectives? To guide selecting and handling course material. To help teachers to determine whether people in the class have learned what you have tried to teach (EVALUATION) Are essential for the learners perspective. It guides the students in their studying. To justify the budget of the learning program.

6 Educational objectives suggested by bloom (1984) and divided into 3 domains:
Cognitive (knowing) Psychomotor (doing) Affective(feeling, valuing).

7 Knowing and doing objectives easy to be measured but in the Affective domain are not so easy to write and measure.

8 The objectives characteristics
S Specific M Measurable A Achievable R Realistic T Timelines

9 III- Selecting Content:
How much time can you devote to the topic? What kind of background do the students have? What do you need to include from a text book?

10 Give yourself time to discuss the meaningfulness of the subject and cover important points without getting bogged down in details that the learners will never remember. Rehearse the content orally in front of a mirror.

11 IV- Organizing Content
Headings Subheadings Should follow a logical consequences (moving from general to specific) or (from Simple to complex)

12 V- Selecting teaching methods:
What are the factors affecting choice of method: It depends on the objectives and type of learning you are trying to achieve. In nursing the teaching methods selected should therefore emphasize students activity: Case study, discussion, Simulations, Role- playing, Cooperative learning, Computer use.

13 Number of people in the class
Number of people in the class. With high number modules, computer programs or handout with explanation is greatly useful. With small group ; brain storming, role- playing, and cooperative learning.

14 The Effectiveness of teaching methods depend on the out come criterion
The Effectiveness of teaching methods depend on the out come criterion. If the criterion is the acquisition of knowledge may be lecture is useful. While acquisition of doing objectives it is useful to use training sessions.

15 Choosing the textbook:
Quality of writing How the book is organized and the graphics that are included. Include introduction to chapters.(give an overview to content) Keywords in bold.

16 Summaries at the end-of- chapter.
Study questions, charts, tables, and pictures are also reflect the quality of the text. Cost. Permanency. Quality of print. Contain or start with a preface(overview

17 Note : Planning assignments e. g. Nursing care plan or e. g
Note : Planning assignments e.g. Nursing care plan or e.g. case method discussion (presentation).

18 Conducting the class The first class Begin introducing yourself. Welcoming the class can establish a pleasant atmosphere. Reading names and getting correct pronunciation.

19 Ensuring that every one gets the handouts.
A little humor is useful Communicate your expectations for the course. Review the course syllabus. Try to whet the learners appetite to what is coming.

20 SUBSEQUENT CLASSES: Gaining and controlling the attention of the learners. To keep communication skills rule effectively going.


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