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LAKESHA LUCIOUS  Precipitation  Evaporation  Condensation  Runoff.

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4  Precipitation  Evaporation  Condensation  Runoff

5  Condensed water vapor that falls to the Earth’s surface such as rain, hail, snow, sleet, and fog drips  During precipitation the clouds get very heavy and saturated with water  Most precipitation falls into the ocean, where it gets warm and evaporates into the air again  The water that moves through the cycle is the same water that was here when the earth was formed

6  It occurs when the sun heat water in rivers, lakes and the ocean and turns it into or steam, which then rises into the air  Heat is necessary for evaporation to occur  Water changes form a liquid to a gas or vapor  90% of the moisture in the atmosphere comes from oceans, seas, lakes, and rivers  Water absorbs into the air  Seeing your breath in cool air is evaporation

7  Occurs when saturated air is cooled below the dew point  It is the transformation of water vapor to liquid water droplets in the air producing clouds and fog  When air cools during the night it hold less water vapor, so therefore it squeezes the vapor together  Water droplets can collect on pollen, dust, or grass.

8  Ways that water moves across the land  The water flows into the ground and causes evaporation in the air and it become stored in the lakes or reservoirs

9  The water cycle is water that takes it circulates from the land to the sky ad back again  It is important to us because animals release water into the atmosphere  It returns to the environment after death and decay of organism (plant and animals)  A large part of water is given back to nature by plants

10  For more information on the water cycle visit   poration.html

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