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2 How many Chinese traditional festivals
Brainstorm How many Chinese traditional festivals do you know? Lantern Festival (元宵节) Dragon Boat Festival(端午节) Spring Festival (春节) Chinese traditional festival Tomb-sweeping Festival (清明节) Double Ninth Festival (重阳节) Mid-autumn Festival (中秋节) Qi Xi Festival (七夕节)

3 How many western holidays do you know?
Christmas (圣诞节) Easter(复活节) Valentine’s Day (情人节) Western Holidays Thanksgiving Day(感恩节) Halloween(万圣节) April Fools’ Day(愚人节)

4 Children's Day New Year's Day Halloween
Spring Festival Children's Day New Year's Day Christmas Halloween

5 1 . origins 2. customs

6 Do you know the origin of the Spring Festival?
Celebrate the New Year. The Spring festival is also known as the Chinese New Year, which is the most important traditional festival in China It falls on the first day of the first Chinese lunar month .

7 Origin In ancient time, a demon(怪物) called “Nian” that lived under the sea would hurt people once a year on the new year eve. It jumped out from the sea, attacked villages, devoured(吞食) people, animals and plants. Demon Nian

8 Origin The villagers gathered to discuss how to deal with “Nian” .Some people suggested that the demon was afraid of loud noises, red color and flames. Fireworks Dragon dance

9 Origin So they lighted firecrackers, put on red couplets (对联)on their gates, beat gongs (锣)and drums to drive “Nian” away. Since then, the custom and tradition of celebrating the Spring Festival were born.

10 Customs 1. Spring Cleaning
From December 23rd in the Chinese calendar, people begin to clean their house to bid farewell(say goodbye) to the old year and usher in (宣告来临)a happy and fresh new year.

11 2. Write and paste couplets(对联) on doors

12 3.The lion and dragon dancing

13 It is said that the evil spirits can be frightened to run away.
4.Set off fireworks It is said that the evil spirits can be frightened to run away.

14 5. Receive Gift Money Children get money in red paper or envelop from their parents or relatives.

15 恭喜发财!红包拿来! 6. Greet each other

16 Dumplings (饺子) 2. New Year cake (年糕)
It means in Chinese the beginning of the new year. Do you know the food in the Spring Festival? Dumplings (饺子) 2. New Year cake (年糕) It means abundance(富足) and wealth for household(一家人).

17 3. Whole fish (鱼) “Fish” in Chinese language is pronounced as “Yu”. It sounds like “余”. “年年有余”means togetherness and abundance(富足).

18 How did the Christmas originate?
December 25 is the day that most Christianities celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.

19 Origin In 1607, religious leaders all over the world met and reached an agreement that December 25 would be the Christmas day. Since then, most Christians began to celebrate Christmas.

20 Origin In the bible, Jesus was born at night, so the night of December 24 is known as the Christmas eve.

21 Customs 1. Send Christmas Cards and songs
People send Christmas cards to their friends or family members to show their best wishes for a new year.

22 2. Receive gifts from Santa Claus
Santa Claus is believed to be a fat jolly old man with a red suit, red hat and long white beard. 2. Receive gifts from Santa Claus He can come down from chimney on Christmas Eve and bring children gifts.

23 3. Exchange gifts Ancient religion believed that the first Christmas gifts were given by Three Wise Men to the infant Jesus.

24 China is an opening country now
China is an opening country now. And we can't close our door and shut up everything outside, for example western-festival. We need faith in a better world and try our best to make it. Jesus Christ is the answer. It is not necessary to emphasize which one is more popular. if it  can bring you happiness, you can take it as your day.


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