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Who are we? What do we do? Why do we do it? How you can help!

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2 Who are we? What do we do? Why do we do it? How you can help!

3 'Challenging the Crisis' is a 3-year development education project led by IDEA with partners in 5 other countries. The project runs from April 2013 - April 2016. Through the ‘Challenging the Crisis’ project, young adults from the 6 hardest hit countries in Europe operate as a network of “Young Global Advocates” (YGAs) who are active on issues of inequality at home and globally. Through development education YGA identified a potential way out of this crisis which is widely used across the developing world – Social and Solidarity Economy.

4 What is SSE? Social and Solidarity Economy is an alternative way of understanding the economy; it puts people in the centre. Examples: SSE includes traditional forms of cooperatives and mutual associations, fair trade organisations, associations of informal sector workers, social enterprises, and community currency and alternative finance schemes – such as micro finance groups or credit unions

5 Social and Solidarity economy: - Stimulates democratic participation in economic decision making - It strives for a participatory and transparent management system - It makes it possible that all people can enjoy access to resources - It promotes respect for individual, social and economic rights

6 - It pushes for the adoption of environmental and social responsibility criteria in production, distribution and consumption - It strives for equality, such as social and gender equity in wealth distribution for the present and future generations on a local and international level. Social and Solidarity economy is globally applicable. It is as useful in Europe as it is in the Global South. In simple terms it puts people first.

7 It is based on the following core values: Human Rights Democracy Solidarity Inclusiveness Diversity Sustainable Development Equality Equity Justice for all.

8 SSE is already contributing to economic growth and development in the EU. It integrates 10% of the two million European companies (over 200,000 cooperatives) and employs 11 million people or 4.5% of the working population in the EU. It has proved to be economically viable across the developing world, particularly in South Asia and Latin America.

9 Global Issues Economic Inequality is a barrier to human development More than 120 million people in the EU live in poverty or are at risk of social exclusion. It is worse globally with the last World Bank statistics indicating that over 2 billion people live on less than $2 USD a day. International Development Using the Global South as an example of social and solidarity economy Sustainable Development Goals

10 What are we doing? We are running a campaign across Ireland, Italy, Greece, Slovenia, Spain and Portugal to raise awareness of Social and Solidarity Economy and to get it on the European political and economic agenda, by proposing a European Year for Social and Solidarity Economy.

11 - Ask MEPs in each of our countries to join the European Parliament Social Economy Intergroup Group or participate in meetings by March 2016. - Lobby policy makers at a national level to encourage the inclusion of concepts of SSE in the economics curriculum by March 2016. - Get NGOs and CSOs to publicly support campaign by displaying campaign badge/banner on website. - Gain signatures and support from members of the public, public figures and policy makers

12 What can you do? Pledge your support! We need TDs, MEPs and policy makers to support our campaign goals. Become an activist! Sign our petition to get SSE on the European economic and political agenda. Be a multiplier! Go out and tell people about Social and Solidarity Economy. Be a change maker! Make small changes in your life – our choices matter – buy Fairtrade, support co-operatives, use micro and ethical finance.

13 Together we can change the world! Want to help us raise awareness? As a network of Young Global Advocates, we want to make a change in this world. We need to get the message of our campaign out to the public, policy makers, NGOs, CSOs and other young people. We need your help to do this! We are available to hold workshops, facilitate training and attend events. We are passionate, enthusiastic young people and we want our voices to be heard. WE will work towards a fairer, just society and economy – will YOU help us get our message out?

14 KEEP IN TOUCH!!!! Twitter: @CtCrisis Facebook: challengingthecrisis Contact us: or

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