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Adapted from Azar and The Passive.

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1 adapted from Azar and The Passive

2 11-1 ACTIVE vs PASSIVE Voice What is the difference between active and passive? How do you use each one?

3 What is voice?

4 According to the Chicago Manual of Styles, “voice shows whether the subject (of a sentence) acts…or is acted on…-That is whether the subject performs or receives the action of the verb.”

5 Active Voice

6 In an active voice sentence, the subject (the one who does the action in the sentence) is clearly stated as the subject. The thing that the subject does something to (the direct object) comes after the verb. Subject-Verb-Object

7 Examples Kathy wrote an essay. Carly made an apple pie.

8 Examples Kathy wrote an essay. Carly made an apple pie. The subject of the sentence performs the action.

9 Passive Voice

10 In a passive voice sentence, the thing that the subject does something to is places as the subject of the sentence. The subject (the one who does the action) is placed after the subject, usually in a prepositional phrase. Sometimes the subject is hidden or not even mentioned.

11 Examples An essay was written by Amy. Where is the subject? An essay was written. Where is the subject?

12 Why use the passive voice?

13 When the receiver of the action is more important than the subject. Active: The ELC gave a scholarship to Deborah. Passive: Deborah was given a scholarship by the ELC. Where is the emphasis in these sentences?

14 What is the form of the passive? In the passive, the object of an active verb becomes the subject of the passive verb. be + past participle Active: Freddie ate a sandwich. Passive: The sandwich was eaten by Freddie Notice that the subject of the active verb follows by in the passive sentence. This noun is called the “agent.”

15 Do Exercise 3 (p.212)

16 11-2 Tense Forms of the Passive TENSE Simple Present Present Progressive Present Perfect Simple Past Past Progressive Past Perfect Simple Future be going to Future Perfect ACTIVE I make a cake. I’m making a cake. I have made a cake. I made a cake. I was making a cake. I had made a cake. I will make a cake I’m going to make a cake I will have made a cake PASSIVE A cake is made. A cake is being made. A cake has been made. A cake was made. A cake was being made. A cake had been made. A cake will be made. A cake is going to be made. A cake will have been made.

17 **Never use do, does, or did with the passive ** They didn’t sell all the tickets for the concert. All the tickets weren’t sold. We do not give lessons on public holidays. Lessons are not given on public holidays.

18 Do Exercise 4 (p. 213)

19 Homework Do Practice 4, 5, 9 in the workbook (p. 107-111)

20 Review: What did we learn yesterday?

21 Today: 11-3 Using the Passive 11-4 The Passive Form of Modals and Phrasal Modals 11-6 Common Non-Progressive Passive Verbs + Prepositions

22 11-3 Using the Passive Usually the passive is used without by-phrase. The passive is most frequently used when it is not known or not important to know exactly who performs an action. Example: The sweater was made in Taiwan. If the speaker knows who performs an action, usually the active is used. Example: My sister made this sweater. However, the speaker can choose to use the passive with a by-phrase when they know who performed the action to emphasize the subject of a sentence. Example: This sweater was made by my sister.

23 Do Exercise 8 (p.215)

24 Review: Modals

25 can could will would may might must should ought to supposed to

26 11-4 The Passive Form of Modals and Phrasal Modals Passive Form: Modal + be + past participle Past-passive Form: Modal + have been+ past participle

27 Examples!!

28 Do Exercise 18 (p. 221)

29 Do Exercise 23 (p. 225)

30 11-6 Passive Verbs + Prepositions Many non-progressive verbs are followed by prepositions other than by. See p. 229

31 Write 10 sentences with prepositions and/or modals

32 Homework Do practice 9 p. 111 Do practice 11 p. 112 Do practice 15 p. 114 Work on your packets!!

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