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6 th Annual Focus Users’ Conference Texas Reporting Presented by: Bethany Heslam.

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1 6 th Annual Focus Users’ Conference Texas Reporting Presented by: Bethany Heslam

2 Texas Reports Menu Agenda: Texas Reports setup TREx TEA Attendance Reports TEA Data Verification State Reporting Extracts The process How and what we pull PreCode Verification ID Processes PEIMS PET Unique

3 Texas Reports Setup To best facilitate Focus reports and PEIMS reporting fields should be configured for the district and possibly for individual schools To configure settings, select Texas Reports Setup from the Texas Reports Menu

4 Texas Reports Setup Attendance Cycles Attendance Cycles allows the district to set up the windows for attendance reporting. These can be setup district-wide or for a specific school. Some attendance cycles may be different from grade reporting cycles and therefore this configuration allows for that flexibility. This cycle will determine the pull-down options available when running the TEA Attendance reports

5 Texas Reports Setup Instructional Tracks If the district offers multiple tracks, default tracks can be setup by school This track is pulled for the 400 record

6 Texas Reports Setup District Information Focus School information allows information to be setup by school but there is not a District Information page This tab allows the district to set defaults to be stored and then pulled for the 010 record

7 TREx Texas requires the electronic transmission of student data. The TREx option in the Texas Reports Menu allows the districts to pull the XML file for the selected students. Select TREx and then search for the students to export. Once the student list is generated, click Export Selected The XML document will be downloaded

8 TEA Attendance Reports – District Summary All public school districts and open-enrollment charter schools in Texas are required to submit student attendance data through the Public Education Information Management System (PEIMS). The Student Attendance Accounting Handbook (handbook) supports that requirement and establishes relatedstudent attendance accounting requirements. The TEA requires districts to produce Attendance Summary reports Reports are generated by district, school and student To view the District Summary select the date range, the Attendance Cycle and whether to show all data or only district totals.

9 TEA Attendance Reports – District Summary The summary will run all the student data for the district and then sum the data for the district and then also sum it by school and then grade level within the school

10 TEA Attendance Reports – Campus Summary To view summary data for a campus, select the Campus Summary report. Select the date range and Select the Attendance Cycle, then run the report

11 TEA Attendance Reports – Campus Summary The summary will run all the student data for the district and then sum the data by school and then grade level within the school

12 TEA Attendance Reports – Student Summary The Student Detail report will run by date range and Attendance Cycle. The report will look at the student enrollment records as well as start and end dates in course and programs to create the summary report for each student.

13 TEA Attendance Reports – Student Summary All fields displayed below will be pulled or computed for each student

14 TEA Data Verification Data needs to be clean prior to submissions to Edit + Focus provides verification reports based on the Edit + rules and validations Select TEA Data Verification Reports from the Texas Reports Menu

15 TEA Data Verification A tab for each submitted format will display Select a tab and review the rules and errors Click on the error link to see the students with errors

16 TEA Data Verification The error will appear along with the student names and demographic information will display Click on the student’s name to access the demographic information and correct the data

17 TEA Data Verification This data shows the student to be the age of 16 whereas the rule states the student must be 17-25. If possible correct the error.

18 State Reporting Extracts The collection of Public Education Information Management System (PEIMS) data is required of all school districts and charter schools [local education agencies (LEAs)] by TEC §42.006 PEIMS submission files are generated by selecting Generate PEIMS Extracts From the Texas Reports Menu

19 State Reporting Extracts When is PEIMS submitted? PEIMS is submitted 4 times per year. Submission 1 = FALL - last Friday in October. It is due to the TEA by late November or early December. Submission 2 = MID YEAR This submission contains actual audited data from the previous school year. This data is only reported by the districts Financial Department and is due to the TEA by late January or early February. Submission 3 = ATTENDANCE This submission contains student data such as Attendance, Course Completion, Discipline, etc., for the entire school year. It is due to the TEA by late June to early July. Submission 4 = ESY-EXTENDED SCHOOL YEAR This submission contains: Extended School Year services & Bilingual / ESL Summer School Program data. This submission is due to the TEA by late August to Mid-September. Why is PEIMS submitted? MONEY! School districts in the state of Texas receive funding from the state based on the data submitted through each of the PEIMS submissions.

20 State Reporting Extracts Select the appropriate submission from the Submission pulldown

21 State Reporting Extracts The submission selected determines the format records that will appear for selection

22 State Reporting Extracts When the submission is selected the Effective date is automatically updated File formats are Text or csv

23 State Reporting Extracts Clicking Generate the Extracts will allow the user to generate one or all the record formats to view or download Clicking the Download Files button will generate the file for submission The Delete Files button will clear the generated files

24 State Reporting Extracts Once files have been Generated they can be downloaded or viewed

25 State Reporting Extracts Coming updates: The ability to store the extracted files for manipulation and then submissions The ability to pull a format record for a school, student or subset of students

26 Precode Verification The Precode Verification report will convert Focus codes into 0’s 1’s and other allowable pre-code values to provide an easy to read report for schools to use when bubbling in testing sheets.

27 PEIMS ID and TSDS Unique ID Overview

28 PEIMS ID Focus stores a range of PEIMS IDs. Click List Students to see students without a PEIMS ID Select the students to include and exclude and then Click Save to assign the IDs to the selected students.

29 PET - PID Enrollment Tracking The PID system ensures that each time data are collected for the same individual, certain pieces of basic identifying information match. The PID system verifies that the Texas Student or Staff Unique-ID, Social Security number (or alternative State Assigned ID), last name, first name, and date of birth match on every record submitted for an individual.

30 TSDS Unique ID TSDS Unique ID process will generate a list of students, by school or district, missing this Unique ID. Click list students to view the list. Once the list appears, click to Generate Batch Upload the file to TSDS

31 TSDS Unique ID TSDS assigns a Unique ID and provides the district a file to import Click Choose File and then locate the file from TSDS Click Import File to import the Unique IDs from the state

32 Questions? Bethany Heslam Director of Implementation, Focus School Software ph: (727) 388-6010 fax: (727) 213-6999

33 Thank You Please be sure to complete the comment card for this session and enjoy the rest of the Users’ Conference!

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