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Yliopiston kampusalue LUT – Creating the Future with Technology and Business.

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1 Yliopiston kampusalue LUT – Creating the Future with Technology and Business

2 Strategic areas of expertise

3 Strategic management of business and technology World-leading open innovation research and empirical, cross-disciplinary research on strategic decision-making Expertise in the management of global, knowledge- intensive innovation and value chains; business models of a network economy, dynamic capabilities and strategic options Areas of strength: support systems for decision-making, knowledge management and technological entrepreneurship

4 Expertise in Russian affairs Coordinated by the Northern Dimension Research Centre NORDI Collaboration in education; Master’s programmes in English, double degrees Research cooperation in environmental issues, innovation; research topics of the South Karelian Institute emphasise the border

5 Research Produces research-based knowledge published in high- level international scientific journals, doctorates, research services Research institutes foster cooperation between the university’s units Technology Business Research Center TBRC develops and implements multidisciplinary research LUT involved in 14 graduate schools funded by the Ministry of Education; coordinator in three Centre of excellence of the Academy of Finland: Applied mathematics research group in inverse problems

6 Education Eight degree programmes in technology: Industrial Management appointed national centre of excellence in university education Nine major subjects in business administration Master’s programmes for mature students: TIMO, AIMO, Technological Entrepreneurship Nine Master’s programmes taught in English

7 Education Eight degree programmes in technology: – Industrial Management – Energy Technology – Chemical Technology – Mechanical Engineering – Electrical Engineering – Information Technology – Environmental Technology – Mathematics and Physics (Master’s programme ) Nine major subjects in business administration: – Supply Management – International Technology and Innovation Management (MITIM) – Management and Organizations – International Marketing – Accounting – Finance – Strategy Research – Knowledge Management – Business Law

8 Research and innovation networks Top international universities: Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Nihon University, Georgia Institute of Technology Finnish-Russian Innovation University 7th EU framework programme – LUT selected into an internationally funded research programme National strategic clusters of expertise: Forest Cluster Ltd., Cleen Ltd. (energy and environmental industries), Fimecc Ltd. (metals and engineering) National centre of expertise programmes: Intelligent Machines, Forest Industry Future, Maritime Cluster LUT is a member of 14 graduate schools funded by the Ministry of Education, and coordinates three: East Finland Graduate School in Computer Science and Engineering, Forest Cluster Graduate School, Graduate School in Electrical Engineering

9 Additional funding 2008 Businesses 36,9 % ( € 8,9 million) TEKES 21,6 % ( € 5,2 million) Academy of Finland 8 % ( € 1,9 million) Other 14,2 % ( € 3,4 million) EU, ERDF, ESF and other international funding 7,9 % ( € 1,9 million) Ministries and government institutions 11,4 % ( € 2,7 million) Budget funding € 41,2 million (63 %) Additional funding overall € 24 million (37 %)

10 LUT figures Founded in 1969 Over 8 000 have obtained a Master’s degree in technology or business, and over 300 have obtained a doctorate in technology, business or philosophy Approximately 900 staff members 5 500 students, 300 of them from abroad 19 % of first-year students in autumn 2008 were foreign nationals 47 languages are spoken at LUT Life-long learning: 1 500 students in continuing professional education, 1 200 students in open university education

11 Education System of Finland

12 International Cooperation LUT has cooperation agreements with about 150 foreign universities Partners participate in research projects with their significant contribution Cooperation is carried out in both research and education due to Master’s programmes in English and student and teacher exchange

13 International Education IBTM International Business and Technology Management targeted for international exchange students duration one academic year, does not lead to a degree Master’s Programmes in English lead to a M.Sc. (Tech./Bus.Adm.) degree duration about two years previous studies in the field required

14 Foreign degree students 12% of Master’s degree programme students in 2008 were foreign nationals Majority of foreign students come from outside the EU: – Russia, China, Iran and India 170 218 305 0 50 100 150 200 250 300 350 200620072008 Number of foreign degree students 2006-2008

15 Lappeenranta – the best university town in Finland Guaranteed housing for students – only in Lappeenranta Shared apartments, studios and family apartmentsin the city centre and on campus Togetherness and student life Ample recretional activities Good transportation connections Year-around activities




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