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Leadership Development Programme. Presenters today Brad Bamfield –07803 133110

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1 Leadership Development Programme

2 Presenters today Brad Bamfield –07803 133110 – Patrick Sullivan –020 8241 0166 –

3 Today Welcome Introductions The programme The pre programme questionnaire Techniques – the tools Application of techniques – the practice Break at around 3:15 pm End 5:00 pm

4 Session 1 Introductions The Henley Report Action learning –How we are going to do it –The student’s experience is as important as the teacher’s knowledge The Seminars structures

5 Seminar structure Breaks into –1/3 group review –1/3 techniques –1/3 working exercises Between seminars there will be work to do that uses the techniques and is focused on your business.

6 The Self Assessments Pre course Mid way through At the end 6 months after programme ends A measure of progress Honest self assessment is a useful skill Acceptable or below;

7 The Self Assessments

8 The Self Assessments 100% Marketing Listening & questioning Work/life balance Cost/benefit analysis Budgeting

9 The Self Assessments 80% Using motivational techniques effectively Understanding different leadership styles Team building & team working Taking responsibility for action Self assessment Recruiting/promoting the right people for the job. Networking with people - internally Networking with people - externally Managing for profit Interviewing for recruitment Interviewing for performance improvement Interviewing for discipline Handling conflict Giving and receiving feedback Getting the right organisational structures in place Developing the desired culture and values Developing others / succession planning Customer care/awareness/focus Commercial acumen

10 The Self Assessments 60% Time management (Inc running meetings) Setting performance standards Selling ideas; gaining buy-in/commitment Project management Managing change Developing one’s self Delegation Communicating our vision Changing values Assertiveness

11 The Self Assessments 40% Strategic thinking and creating a viable business vision Staff development - developing talent Problem solving Personal impact & reputation Interviewing for appraisal Focus on Goals and results - Target setting Continuous improvement Coaching others at all levels

12 The Self Assessments 20% Technical knowledge Planning to put strategic thinking into practice Decision Making

13 Mind Mapping Originated in the late 1960s by Tony Buzan, Mind Maps are now used by millions of people around the world whenever they wish to use their minds more effectively.Tony Buzan Outlining is linear and organised, but its not the way our minds work. Instead, our minds work like web sites: Groups of pages or ideas or concepts are linked together, or even go off on their own into other groupings or webs. Plotting the relationships is Mind Mapping

14 Mind Mapping Similarly to a road map, a Mind Map will: Give you an overview of a large subject/area. Enable you to plan routes/make choices and let you know where you are going and where you have been. Gather and hold large amounts of data for you.

15 Mind Mapping Encourage problem solving by showing you new creative pathways. Enable you to be extremely efficient. Be enjoyable to look at, read, muse over and remember. Attract and hold your eye/brain. Let you see the whole picture and the details at the same time. Assist YOU!

16 Mind Mapping Organising a subject Bringing about "deeper" learning Integrating old and new knowledge Placing (new) ideas in a structure Brainstorming Communicating complex ideas

17 Mind Mapping Mind Maps can be used for any purpose Helps define the problem before building the solution Defines relationships between –Things and people –People and people –Things and things Can be on paper or software Example of a paper based Map

18 Mind Mapping

19 Mind mapping You can use colour and graphics

20 Mind Mapping Mind Maps can be used for any purpose Helps define the problem before building the solution Can be on paper or software Example of a software map using –

21 Mind Mapping

22 Hands on exercise Define and explore the 2 concepts of Leadership & management Build a Mind Map

23 OGSM Objectives, Goals, Strategies & Measures Objectives the ultimate strategic direction –5 or 6 & up to 10 years Goals required to achieve the Objectives –5 -10 & 3 to 5 years Strategies the tasks required to deliver the Goals –As many as you need 1 year

24 OGSM Measures the way we know the Strategies have delivered there required outcome. Measures must be SMART

25 OGSM Level 1ObjectivesGoalsStrategiesMeasures

26 OGSM Level 2ObjectivesGoalsStrategiesMeasuresLevel 1ObjectivesGoalsStrategiesMeasures

27 OGSM Level 2ObjectivesGoalsStrategiesMeasuresLevel 1ObjectivesGoalsStrategiesMeasures

28 OGSM Level 3ObjectivesGoalsStrategiesMeasuresLevel 2ObjectivesGoalsStrategiesMeasuresLevel 1ObjectivesGoalsStrategiesMeasures

29 Where can we use OGSM OGSM can be used for any activity OGSM should be used for any change Strategic direction of company Management positions People in those positions Meetings Later we will combine with Risk Analysis

30 OGSM Hands on exercise Develop the OGSMs for this Programme Working in 2 teams Feedback

31 SMART –Specific –Measurable –Agreed with individual –Realistic/Achievable (but challenging) –Time Related (agreed review dates) SUPER –Stretching –Understood –Positive –Ethical –Relevant Targets must be

32 SMART Hands on exercise

33 Leadership ‘ One leader in an organisation is not enough’. Burgoyne (2003) Leadership & management Leadership –Set direction –Set goals –Align people –Communicate Management –Plan –Budget –Resource allocation –Staffing

34 Summary of Seminar 1 Mind Mapping OGSMs SMART Difference between Leadership and Management

35 Seminar 2 Use Mind Map to explore your current issue (s) Be prepared to make a 5 minute presentation on your business and what your issues are The team will review, and offer help

36 Next meeting We hope you have enjoyed today We hope you have learnt something useful Please complete feedback forms Next seminar City Lodge Hotel Walerton Street 11 th May 1pm to 5 pm

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