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I:\Share\Bestuursinligting\OUDITfinaal\Portfolio\Statistics\BI2004 UPSpace An institutional repository for the University of.

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1 I:\Share\Bestuursinligting\OUDITfinaal\Portfolio\Statistics\BI2004 UPSpace An institutional repository for the University of Pretoria Ina Smith

2 Institutional Repository Set of services Management & dissemination of digital materials Organisational commitment Stewardship Long-term preservation Organisation, access, distribution

3 Advantages Preserve intellectual output of UP Long-term preservation International exposure Retrievable via Google Evolving expert database Consistent URL for citations Links between items, collections Searchable – not static web page Decentralised or distributed input

4 “Champions” Africana & Special Collections Architecture Scholarly Publications Veterinary Science

5 DSpace for Digital Archiving (1)

6 DSpace for Digital Archiving (2)

7 DSpace for Digital Archiving (3)

8 Default Look & Feel

9 UPSpace Look & Feel Access via UPPortal

10 UP IT Requirements LDAP/ GAP Authentication via Portal Look & Feel for Applications

11 Information Model Top-level Community Africana & Special Collections Sub-Community Collections SA Music Collection

12 Items in DSpace Articles (preprints & postprints) Technical reports Working papers Conference reports E-theses E-books

13 Items in DSpace Datasets: statistical, geospatial, etc. Images: visual, scientific, etc. Audio files Video files (up to 500 MB) Learning objects Reformatted digital library collections

14 Workflow Submit Accept Reject Edit Metadata Commit DSpace

15 Metadata in DSpace Qualified DC Metadata 15 Elements + Qualifiers Edit DC Registry Add / delete elements/qualifiers (not recommended) Mandatory / Optional fields

16 Harvesting Metadata OAISTER Search Engines e.g. Google

17 Persistent Identifiers CNRI Handle System Valid citations Unique handle for each item E.g. 1849 = Naming authority assigned by handle system to e.g. UP 171 = Unique local name assigned to an item in the repository

18 Managing the Project Evaluation Proposal Needs Analysis Design Development Implementation Evaluation

19 DSpace on UPDev DSpace on UP Q&A DSpace on Portal Server

20 Next … Marketing & Communications Plan Training Program

21 Reflection & Communication DSpace Listserve DSpace web Update documents & policies Meetings Community of Practice

22 User Support Help landline 8/5 Online help 24/7 –Viewlets e.g. Macromedia Captivate, PPT, Open Office Tutorial User policy Pamphlet E-mail

23 User Policy Submission Communities and Collections Responsibilities & rights Licensing, copyright, privacy, intellectual property Preservation support Withdrawals Workflow System back-up and availability

24 Copyright, Rights & Licensing License stored with each item Submitter “Grants License” Default DSpace License Community/ Collection License Copyright note when creating Community DC Element Rights DSpace StyleSheet: © University of Pretoria

25 The way forward … Federated Search Engine Emerging IR software Long-term budget Migration of digital objects Repository size Bandwidth Collaboration e.g. DISA Collaboration between institutions

26 The way forward … Register with –Open Archives Institute –DSpace Wiki –OAISTER

27 Thank you! DSpace URL: Tel.: +27 12 420 3082

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