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Planning for graduation and beyond. Make sure you have the courses you need to graduate in Gr. 10. Make sure you have the pre-requisite courses necessary.

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1 Planning for graduation and beyond

2 Make sure you have the courses you need to graduate in Gr. 10. Make sure you have the pre-requisite courses necessary for the program(s) related to your career goal(s).

3 Grade 10 Core: 1.English 10 (20% exam) - 4 credits 2.Socials 10 - 4 credits 3.Science 10 (20% exam) - 4 credits 4.Math 10 (20% exam) - 4 credits -Apprenticeship & Workplace Math 10 -Foundations & Pre-Calculus 10 5.Physical Education 10 - 4 credits 6.Planning 10 - 4 credits Electives: 7. ___________________ 8.__________________ AM/PM Elective(s) 9.__________________ Total # of Credits: _______

4 French Immersion Grade 10 Core: 1.Language Arts 10 (20% exam) - 4 credits 2.Francais Langue 10 - 4 credits 3.Sciences Humaines 10 -4 credits 4.Sciences Natural 10(20% exam)-4 credits 5.Math 10 (20% exam)- 4 credits -Apprenticeship & Workplace Math 10 -Foundations Math 10 6.Physical Education 10 - 4 credits 7.Planning 10 - 4 credits Electives: 8.__________________ AM/PM Elective(s) 9.__________________

5 Grade 11 Core: 1.Language Arts 11 - 4 credits 2. Social Studies 11 - 4 credits Reg/Int/Civics/Sciences Humaines or First Nations 12 (20 % exam) 3.Science 11 (options in booklet) - 4 credits 4.Math 11 - 4 credits -Apprenticeship Workplace Math 11 -Foundations Math 11 -Pre-Calculus 11 Electives: 5.__________________ 6.__________________ 7.__________________ 8.__________________ AM/PM Electives: 9.__________________ Total # of Credits:_______

6 Social Studies 11 – All courses cover culture, history, geography, and government of Canada Regular: textbook and pen/paper based for projects etc Internet: textbook and computer based for projects etc Civics: Canadian and world politics-exploring the history and power of politics from local and global perspectives Sciences Humaines: Course taught in French for Immersion students First Nations Studies12 Oral, text, and hands on style course –covering First Nations history, literature, culture, art, traditions, and politics. (may count for SS 11-must write provincial exam)

7 Biology 11 (Honours Option) Chemistry 11 Physics 11 Earth Science 11 Science & Technology 11 All meet the graduation requirement for science However…

8 See booklet for course descriptions Biology (Honours Option) Chemistry Physics Earth Science These are academic courses (needed for university entrance),will fulfill graduation requirement, and all have grade 12 options

9 Science &Technology 11 This is an exploratory science program that looks into many different areas of science. This course is project driven and involve lots of “hands on” activities. This course qualifies for a Science 11 credit for graduation.

10 Which Math Should I Take? Foundations of Math 11 (FMP 11) Apprenticeship & Workplace Math 11 (AWM 11) Pre-Calculus 11 (PREC 11) All will lead to graduation. However…….

11 Foundations of Math 11 - is designed to give students the mathematical understanding for post secondary programs that do not require the study of calculus.

12 AWM 11 Designed to provide students with the mathematical skills to enter the majority of trades and direct entrance into the workforce. AWM 11

13 Pre-Calculus is designed to provide students with the skills and understanding to be successful in post- secondary studies that require the study of theoretical calculus.

14 Electives = Courses that you select based on your interests and future goals and provides credits to meet the 80 credit minimum for graduation Some will be other courses you will need for university and college programs Some will be courses that are needed for your career plan Some will be courses for your own interest Some will be courses valuable for the world of work **You must read through your course planning booklet (on-line) very carefully in order to choose courses that best fit your interests and future plans

15 Colleges and universities offer a wide variety of programs ranging from one year certificates to two year diplomas to four year bachelor degrees – the type of program a student may pursue will depend on their career goals, personal interest, and financial situation. There is no one size grad plan that fits for all post- secondary institutions – each program will have specific entrance requirements that can and will vary from one post-secondary institution to the next. Thus course planning for post secondary education requires some research – the following websites have proven to be useful tools in post-secondary and career planning: login: sass password: career Counsellors are also available to assist students with research and course planning for post-secondary education/career goals

16 English 12 – (certain % required or must write LPI exam) Math 11 –university and program specific –must check website Academic Science 11 (one or more depending on program) Language 11 (not required at all universities or for all programs –– Some university programs require a Language 12 or equivalent in order to complete degree. 3-4 grade 12 academic courses (Accepted academic courses are listed in university calendars/websites)

17 Earn grad credit and college/industry credit at the same time with USUALLY TUITION FREE! Programs listed in hardcopy booklet and on-line Applications and interviews required APPLY IN Career Center – one year in advance

18 No matter what you decide you want to do in the future… start enhancing your extra curricular involvement now! Get involved in Leadership Volunteer at the many community organizations that could use your help Join a team or a club *These extra activities help you to build important teamwork and organizational skills *They are essential for winning scholarships and bursaries, and they look great on a resume!

19 March 15 &16th Course Selection will be done in Block A for grade 10s. March 18th Deadline to make online changes to your course selections

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