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Wind Turbines: Power for a House or City *many slides from L. Sankar.

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1 Wind Turbines: Power for a House or City *many slides from L. Sankar



4 Ready to Become a Significant Power Source With annual growth rates of ~30%, wind could generate 20% of nation’s electricity by 2020. Installed capacity = 35,000 MW as of Dec 2009 (<1% national electricity). Source: Energy Information Agency

5 Wind is Growing Worldwide Source: AWEA’s Global Market Report MW end 2007new 2008 total

6 Global Electricity Consumption: 5,000 GW

7 U.S. Wind Power Capacity Growth: is the rollercoaster over?





12 Advantages of Wind Power Clean Flexible Large Potential for Growth Economically Viable (most of the time – peak opportunity)

13 Benefits of Wind Power Environmental No air pollution No greenhouse gasses Does not pollute water with mercury No water needed for operations

14 Benefits of Wind Power Economic Development Expanding Wind Power development brings jobs to rural communities Increased tax revenue Purchase of goods & services

15 Benefits of Wind Power Fuel Diversity Domestic energy source Inexhaustible supply Small, dispersed design reduces supply risk

16 Benefits of Wind Power Cost Stability Flat-rate pricing can offer hedge against fuel price volatility risk (fuel is “free”!) Electricity is inflation-proof

17 Wind Power Economics

18 Wind Power Cost of Energy Components Cost ( ¢ /kWh) = (Capital Recovery Cost + O&M) / kWh/year –Capital Recovery = Debt and Equity Cost –O&M Cost = Turbine design, operating environment –kWh/year = Wind Resource

19 Construction Cost Elements

20 Cost Nosedive Driving Wind’s Success

21 Turbine Technology Constantly Improving Larger turbines Specialized blade design Power electronics Computer modeling produces more efficient design Manufacturing improvements

22 How big is a 2.0 MW wind turbine? This picture shows a Vestas V-80 2.0-MW wind turbine superimposed on a Boeing 747 JUMBO JET

23 Improved Capacity Factor Capacity Factors Above 35% at Good Wind Sites –Performance Improvements due to: –Better siting –Larger turbines/energy capture –Technology Advances –Higher reliability Examples: Project Performance (Year 2000) Big Spring, Texas 37% CF in first 9 months Springview, Nebraska 36% CF in first 9 months

24 Offshore wind: a controversial gold mine of energy

25 “CAPE WIND”: stay tuned…


27 All offshore wind farms plagued by NIMBY concerns

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