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Martin Schuurmans Chair EIT The EIT – Sustainable Growth and Competitiveness through Innovation.

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1 Martin Schuurmans Chair EIT The EIT – Sustainable Growth and Competitiveness through Innovation

2 EIT is recognized as key driver of sustainable European economic growth and competitiveness through the stimulation of world-leading innovation 8/6/20152EIT Bratislava 11-24-08 mfhs

3  Education  Research  Technology  Business  Entrepreneurs (incl. SMEs)  Private investors & VCs  Investment Banks 8/6/20153EIT Bratislava 11-24-08 mfhs

4 Grow and capitalize on the innovation capacity and capability of the stakeholders (in and outside the Community) through Knowledge Innovation Communities (KICs) that :  Explore new innovative relationships between excellence in education, technology, research, business and entrepreneurship  Create new business  Educate and develop entrepreneurial people working across stakeholder boundaries  Have societal impact 8/6/20154EIT Bratislava 11-24-08 mfhs

5 1. EIT Strategic Innovation Agenda (SIA) : ideas/plans 2. KICs with unique impact : KIC topics and format selection 3. Sustainable mobilization of additional funding, including EIT Foundation: tools 2. is our topic today. We want to share our current views and learn from you. 8/6/20155EIT Bratislava 11-24-08 mfhs

6  Is a collaborative consortium, a “legal entity”, of internationally distributed, yet thematically convergent parties consisting of the stakeholders  Aims to reach and foster a worldwide lead position in a given field  Will deliver a measurable impact on society from an economic, scientific, educational and entrepreneurial perspective  Will have a minimum duration of KIC: 7 years 8/6/20156EIT Bratislava 11-24-08 mfhs

7  Address long-term challenges and identify new opportunities for innovation in Europe  Transfer higher education, research and innovation activities to the business context and their commercial application (create spin-offs, start-ups and SMEs)  Attract partner organizations and talent from all over the world  Develop entrepreneurial people & bring them to business  Maximise the share of financial contribution from the private sector 8/6/20157EIT Bratislava 11-24-08 mfhs

8  50-100 M Euro total spending per year  Life 7-15 years  Funding: ◦ EIT 25% ◦ Others 75% (leverage factor 3)  European programs  European Structural Funds  Industry (also in kind) investment  EIT Foundation  Private investors & VCs  Investment banks 8/6/20158EIT Bratislava 11-24-08 mfhs

9  Sustainable energy  Mitigation and adaptation of climate change  Future information and communication society  Proposals may span 1, 2 or all 3 fields  Trans–or interdisciplinary and drawing on existing European programs and projects  Number of KICs to be selected 2 or 3  Future Call : Health care? Others? 8/6/20159EIT Bratislava 11-24-08 mfhs

10 Geographically distributed people working in co- location centers. An example:  One (lead) education center  One (lead) high tech and entrepreneurs center / campus 8/6/201510EIT Bratislava 11-24-08 mfhs

11  World class researchers, technologists, educators, business people, entrepreneurs  Talented young academics from Europe and abroad, flexible, mobile, and eager to innovate  People mobility between industry/business and academia  A highly developed team culture/spirit  Top management to lead the KICs People management:  Incentive schemes that stimulate brain gain  Stimulate working/studying together in co-location centers  Recognition of people: e.g. EIT label for students and EIT brand 06/08/201511EIT Bratislava 11-24-08 mfhs

12 Internationally distributed collaborative consortium  Active in business, entrepreneurship, technology, research and education  Each with a track record in excellence, international cooperation, knowledge dissemination and transition to business (elite center)  Which promotes co-location of collaborative people in co-location centers  With a legal identity and with a motivating IPR policy  With top management, structure and accountability  With public and private funding that triples the EIT funding over time; access to resources beyond the EU direct budget (EUR 308 million). 06/08/201512EIT Bratislava 11-24-08 mfhs

13 Compelling innovative proposal with future potential  Addresses broadly recognized topics in Europe  Has (new) business and/or societal impact  Makes innovation an integral part of education  Goes beyond R&T; can include non-technological research  Has performance parameters (KPIs), targeted investment returns and drivers identified upfront  Has short, medium and long-term milestones  Is beginning of continuous self sustaining activities  Has broad public outreach 06/08/201513EIT Bratislava 11-24-08 mfhs

14  Call for proposals of KICs by April 2009, submission June 2009 ◦ Based on selection criteria and format KIC, finalized after Bratislava  Selection of KICs by January 2010 ◦ Distinguished team with the best chance for success ◦ Recognized as innovative and rational ◦ Selection is communicated widely in support of the teams elected and to help them in any way  Evaluation and monitoring of KICs starting by August 2010 ◦ Recognized as fair, simple and effective ◦ Is stable and solely derived from the original selection criteria ◦ Rewards good performance and achievements ◦ Recognizes and communicates the EIT brand 06/08/201514EIT Bratislava 11-24-08 mfhs

15  Education and Entrepreneurship must be integral parts of innovation partnerships  Opportunity for cross-fertilization and cross funding with other European and national programs  EIT is owned by all of Europe  Nothing is cast in concrete yet. The GB is eager to learn and assimilate your ideas, concerns, etc raised in speakers’ corner and the parallel sessions this afternoon Thanks !! 8/6/201515EIT Bratislava 11-24-08 mfhs

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