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1 Cholera

2 The earthquake in Haiti in 2010 strained the already limited water sanitation systems

3 UN peacekeepers from Nepal brought cholera to Haiti

4 Cholera is caused by the bacterium Vibrio cholerae

5 Cholera is transmitted by eating or drinking contaminated substances

6 There are many strains of Vibrio cholerae, but only O1 and O139 cause cholera

7 Interestingly, Vibrio bacteria occur naturally in ocean water across the globe

8 Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Flagellum The cholera bacteria moves through the digestive system and attaches to the inner cells of the small intestine

9 By changing the chemical balance of your intestinal cells, cholera purges itself from your body

10 Cholera toxin stops the CFTR protein from regulating water and ion flow ___________ _ _ - _ ___________ _ _ - _

11 In cholera, death is due to fluid and electrolyte loss via diarrhea and vomiting

12 Genome sequencing shows that the same strain of Vibrio cholerae is present in Nepal and Haiti

13 From a disease that had not killed anyone in Haiti for more than 100 years, now 1 in 15 Haitians dies of cholera

14 Cholera is a highly treatable and preventable disease.

15 Rehydration therapy is the primary treatment for cholera

16 75% of cholera patients do not develop symptoms and only 10% need clinical treatment

17 Cholera has swept the globe in a series of seven pandemics

18 99% of cases occur in Africa and southern Asia and 50% of cases and deaths are in children under 5

19 There are 3-5 million cases and ~100,000 deaths per year

20 “Cholera is a good illustration of the vicious cycle of poverty and disease, in which the most vulnerable people are most likely to be victims….How much time will it take before we can provide basic sanitation to the 83% of Haitians without latrines?” ~Dr. Charles Almazor, Zanmi Lasante Clinic

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