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Persuasive Speaking Get one of each of the handouts.

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1 Persuasive Speaking Get one of each of the handouts

2 What is a persuasive speech? Establishes a fact Changes a belief Moves an audience to act on a policy

3 Types of persuasion Question of Fact Concerns statements that can be seen as true or false You offer proof to support a statement. EX: Recycling can save local community money.

4 Types of persuasion Question of belief ◦ Focuses on what is right or wrong, good or bad, best or worst, moral or immoral. ◦ EX: Small schools are better for most students. ◦ EX: It is morally wrong to avoid jury duty.

5 Types of persuasion Question of policy ◦ Focuses on a particular action. Convinces audience that some policy should be changed. ◦ EX: The senior class should have special parking privileges.

6 Preparing your topic Choose a topic that is important to you. Choose a debatable topic. Decide will you use question of fact, of belief, or of policy.

7 Writing your thesis statement You will construct a thesis statement to be used at some point in your introduction. The statement will do one of the following: ◦ State the fact you want to establish ◦ State the belief you want others to believe. ◦ State the policy you want changed and how you intend to change it.

8 Techniques to use Logos-explains or justifies your thesis ◦ Cite evidence from statistics, professionals in field, surveys. Pathos- Use emotional appeals by ◦ Citing specific personal incidents ◦ Using vivid language ◦ Creating an urgency with personal references.

9 Ethical Standards in persuasion It is unethical for public speakers to ◦ Lie or deceive ◦ Distort facts ◦ Engage in name-calling ◦ Engage in personal attacks of character unless giving solid evidence. ◦ Deny the opposition the right to reply.

10 Counter argument The argument against your position. You want to address (refute) the opposition in order to get rid of all doubts.

11 Types of Delivery Impromptu Manuscript Memorized Extemporaneous

12 Delivering your speech Appearance Eye contact Effective gestures Good posture Vocal pauses Enthusiasm

13 Delivering your speech Articulation-shaping of distinct speech sounds into recognizable words. Pronunciation Enunciation-distinctness of the sounds.

14 Requirements No more than 5 minutes-No less than 3 You may use note cards, but you may NOT simply read. Must have a visual aid. Must use at least three persuasive devices. You will turn in a copy of the speech to me with devices highlighted and labeled. Reference citation page

15 Visual Aid Should be large enough for the audience to see clearly. Use contrasting colors for easy visibility Should be NEAT Should serve a purpose and be referred to in the speech.

16 Process Choose topic of interest Write research questions Gather information Complete planning guide Write speech Practice, practice, practice!!! Speeches will be presented last week of school.

17 Choosing a topic- For today Turn in to me ◦ Three topics/type (see below) in order of importance ◦ Each topic should have research questions that would guide your research and support. ◦ Ideas for visual aide for each topic.  Establishes a fact  Changes a belief  Moves an audience to act on a policy

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