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WELCOME! DRUG TESTING TRAINING. PRE-TEST 1.Each State agency is required or not required to implement a drug testing policy. (Circle One) 2.Substance.

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2 PRE-TEST 1.Each State agency is required or not required to implement a drug testing policy. (Circle One) 2.Substance abuse crosses all demographic, geographic, and labor management lines. (True or False) 3.A supervisor should attempt to counsel an employee if drug use is suspected. (True or False)

3 THE ORM DRUG TESTING POLICY GOAL ORM has a legislative mandate to eliminate or reduce recognized hazards, therefore, Drug Testing Policy review is an audit requirement

4 A STATE AGENCY DRUG TESTING POLICY SHALL INCLUDE: Written Policy Education & Awareness Program Supervisor Training Employee Assistance Program Drug Testing Procedures

5 WRITTEN POLICY Tailored to an agency’s specific drug testing needs: Assignment of responsibility Safety/Security Sensitive Positions Must be disseminated to all employees Mandate drug testing in accordance with Executive Order KBB 05-08 & 05-11 Violation of Policy actions

6 EDUCATION & AWARENESS Crosses all demographic, geographic & labor management lines. No agency is immune. Looks, talks and acts like everyone else. Usually only noticeable through poor job performance. Who is the Substance Abuser?


8 EDUCATION & AWARENESS EXECUTIVE ORDER KBB 05-08 & 05-11 MANDATES TESTING AS FOLLOWS: 1.When reasonable suspicion exists 2.Following an accident that: a)Leads to reasonable suspicion b)Results in a fatality c)Results in the release of a hazardous waste or material

9 EDUCATION & AWARENESS 3.Randomly as part of a rehabilitation monitoring program 4.Pre-employment for both employees/appointees EXECUTIVE ORDER KBB 05-08 & 05-11

10 EDUCATION & AWARENESS 5.Randomly for all employees in a safety/security sensitive position 6.Prior to promotion/reassignment to a safety/security sensitive position EXECUTIVE ORDER KBB 05-08 & 05-11


12 EDUCATION & AWARENESS PRESCRIPTION AND OVER-THE-COUNTER DRUGS NOT feeling drowsy does NOT mean one is UNimpaired!!! Sedation “effects” from drugs can last from 20 minutes to 4 hours, or more (depending on the drug and the individuals sensitivity and metabolism) NEVER operate heavy machinery or vehicles – when taking prescribed or over-the-counter medication with a warning on the label that drowsiness may result.

13 EMPLOYEE ASSISTANCE PROGRAM Substance Abuse Family Problems Emotional Problems Financial Problems Other Problems Affecting Job Performance Provides “outside” Professional Assistance to employees and/or family members who may benefit from outsource:

14 EMPLOYEE ASSISTANCE PROGRAM Availability –Representatives can be contacted through agencies’ Human Resources section. –Services are provided free of charge for a specified number of visits. –Confidentiality – if service is used, No One, including supervisors, are informed.


16 Procedures: Chain of Custody form for reason of testing Testing performed by SAMSHA-certified laboratory Collection under direct observation of same gender Negative results sent to authorized agency contacts Positive results reported by lab to qualified Medical Review Officer

17 RECOMMENDED MINIMUM TESTING REQUIREMENTS CONFIDENTIALITY All drug testing is considered confidential pursuant to LRS 49:1012 Information cannot be used against an employee except where drug use is considered relevant

18 RECOMMENDED MINIMUM TESTING REQUIREMENTS POSITIVE TEST RESULTS Current Employees – Agency may, but are not required to, allow an employee to undergo rehabilitation without termination Prospective Employees/Appointees – Shall be cause for elimination from consideration for employment or appointment

19 ORM AUDIT REQUIREMENTS Documented distribution of the policies and training shall be presented at the ORM annual audit. Documented re-training of the policies must be conducted at least once every three years and presented at the ORM audit.



22 1.Give examples of noticeable signs of possible drug use:

23 POST-TEST 2.If you are taking prescribed or over-the- counter drugs with a warning “against operating heavy machinery or vehicles,” should you still do it? Yes or No 3.Supervisor should provide frequent _________ to rehabilitated employees. 4.Supervisors should treat rehabilitated employees as cured. True or False

24 POST-TEST 5.EAP is designed to assist & support employees with the following: a) Family problems b) Emotional problems c) Financial problems d) None of the above e) All of the above

25 POST-TEST 6.Documented distribution of drug testing policy and training shall be presented at the __________ annual audit. 7.Name some safety or security sensitive positions where random drug testing would be conducted.

26 Thank You For Your Attendance

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