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NGSS Performance Expectations Please sit in mixed grade level groups K-12 Alliance.

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1 NGSS Performance Expectations Please sit in mixed grade level groups K-12 Alliance

2 Session Outcomes Examine how Performance Expectations are constructed Investigate how PE’s build across grade levels Consider implications for assessment and instruction.

3 What is a Performance Expectation (PE)? Performance expectations are the assessable statements of what students should know and be able to do AFTER instruction Decisions on how best to help students meet these PEs are left to states, districts, and teachers. PEs are for ALL students

4 Recalling the Architecture of the NGSS

5 Same process… Identify the performance expectations, science & engineering practices, disciplinary core ideas, cross cutting concepts, etc.

6 PE Analysis Part I Brainstorm 2-LS2-1: Plan and conduct an investigation to determine if plants need sunlight and water to grow. OR MS-PS4-1 : Use mathematical representations to describe a simple model for waves that includes how the amplitude of a wave is related to the energy in a wave. Read the PE Brainstorm what the PE is stating. Use these questions to guide your brainstorm: What content should students know? What prior knowledge should they have? What practice is addressed? Which other practices might be supportive? What cross-cutting concepts apply ? Write each idea on a sticky note. Sort sticky notes into practices, content and cross cutting concepts.

7 2-LS2 or MS-PS4 With a partner: Identify how many PEs are listed Focus on 2-LS2-1 or MS-PS4-1 Circle the PE Circle the corresponding DCI, SEP and CCC Find the connection box and circle the NGSS connections for this PE

8 PE Analysis chart Recreate this chart on your group’s chart paper. Transfer the sticky notes on the chart in the appropriate cells

9 Life Science Core Ideas In Elementary Grades

10 Physical Science Core Ideas In Elementary Grades

11 PE Analysis Part II: Connection Topics Read the connection boxes Select the most important ideas (DCI, SEP, CCC) that support 2 LS2-1 (2nd grade) or MS PS4-1 (middle school) Are any of these on your brainstorm list? If so place them on the chart. If not, write these on a sticky note and add to the chart. Review the sequence and underline new terms as they appear in the sequence.

12 PE Analysis Part III: Thinking About Assessment What is a second grade student/middle school student expected to know and do for this PE AFTER instruction? Look at your sticky notes on the chart. Think about what student work would need to include to show that students understand the PE. Write a possible assessment task that would measure student understanding.

13 Impact on Instruction Based on your understanding of a Performance Expectation, how will instruction change? What do you need to support this change?

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