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Engineering Designing Tomorrow’s Technology Today.

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1 Engineering Designing Tomorrow’s Technology Today

2 What is an engineer? Designs new and innovative products – To solve everyday problems Being Inspired by: – Everyday objects – Nature

3 Engineering: In General Constant challenge – Advancing with Technologically fueled world – Designing new and innovative solutions Excellent pay and benefits Ever-expanding field of employment

4 Engineering: In General Requires a strong understanding of math – Numbers required for precision needed Describe the designs and ideas – Math is the language of science Innovative thinking

5 Engineering: In General Must consider – Functional requirements – Testing – Testing Results – Cost – Effectiveness

6 Engineering: In General Must consider – Training operators – Safety of operator

7 Engineering: In General Correct design flaws Perfect design

8 Engineering: In General Also Involved: – Testing – Maintenance – Production

9 Engineering: In General Heavily use computers Use many types of software – CAD – Simulators

10 Becoming An Engineer Many different types of engineers: Aerospace Agricultural Biomedical Chemical Civil Computer Hardware Electrical Electronics Environmental Health and Safety Industrial Marine Materials Mechanical Mining and Geological Nuclear Petroleum

11 Becoming an Engineer Requires a bachelors degree for starters – 2-8 year degree Field of interest Classes offered Classes taking

12 Becoming an Engineer Total Cost for In State-On Campus Education at West Virginia University Tuition & Fees$ 5,406.00 Books & Supplies$ 1,144.00 Room & Board$ 7,868.00 Transportation$ 1,234.00 Personal$ 990.00 Total$ 16,642.00

13 My Interests in Engineering Mechanical Engineering Aerospace Engineering – Dual degree Offered by West Virginia University – 5 year degree » Take all classes at college of engineering

14 An Engineers Earnings Starting Salaries for Engineers Aerospace/Aeronautical/Astronautical$ 56,311 Mechanical$ 58,766

15 An Engineer’s Earnings SpecialtyLowest 10% Lowest 25% MedianHighest 25% Highest 10% Aerospace Engineer $ 58,130$ 72,390$ 92,520$ 114,530$ 134,570 Mechanical Engineer 47,90059,23074,92094,400114,740

16 Engineering Job Outlook SpecialtyNumber of Jobs Aerospace Engineers71,600 Mechanical Engineers238,700

17 Engineering Job Outlook Rapidly Expanding Demand High Companies looking for fresh, young, innovative thinking employees Expected to continue increasing in demand for years to come

18 Engineering Job Outlook SpecialtyEmployment 2008 Projected Employment 2018 Change 2008-2018 Number Change 2008-2018 Percent Aerospace71,60079,1007,40011 Mechanical238,700253,10014,4006

19 Personal Feelings Many Benefits Starting and Advancing Salaries Challenge Interests in hardware and software – CAD – Simulators

20 Resources "Engineering Open House at West Virginia University." Personal interview. Dec. 2009. "Engineers." U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. 17 Dec. 2009. Web. 10 Feb. 2011.. First Robotics Engineering Displays at the Palmetto Regional. Apr. 2006. University of South Carolina, Colombia.

21 Resources First Robotics Engineering Displays at the Palmetto Regional. Apr. 2009. Clemson University, Clemson. Garner, Geraldine O. Careers in Engineering. New York: McGraw-Hill, 2009. Print. Martin, Fred G. Robotic Explorations: a Hands-on Introduction to Engineering. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall, 2001. Print. - Welcome to FIRST. Web. 10 Feb. 2011..

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