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Introduction to Wind Energy. Where do we get our electricity?

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1 Introduction to Wind Energy

2 Where do we get our electricity?

3 What is “Renewable Energy?”

4 Major Parts of a Wind Turbine Engine/Generator


6 Wind Turbine Perspective Engine 56 tons Tower 3 sections Worker s Blade 120’ long

7 Wind Turbine Perspective 350’+ base to blade Each blade 120’ Span greater than a large plane Weigh approx 160 tons Foundation 20+ feet deep Supply at least 350 homes

8 Yawing – “Facing the Wind” Active Yaw (all medium & large turbines produced today) – Meter on engine tells controller which way to point the hub into the wind. – Yaw drive turns gears to point the hub into wind. Passive Yaw (Most small turbines) – Wind forces direct rotor using tail vanes.


10 Breakin’ it down If PA generates 179 MW (per day) – Megawatt = 1,000,000 watts An average household uses 16,500 watts per day. How many houses will PA’s wind farms support? – Approximately 10,850 homes at no cost to the environment.

11 Why do windmills need to be high in the sky?? Further From Earth -Less Turbulence from trees, buildings, etc. -Higher Constant Speed.

12 Carnage!

13 Jobs in the Wind Industry (next slides)

14 Construction

15 Operations/ Maintenance

16 Engineering/ Design

17 Public Relations/Organizing Support

18 Environmental Assessment

19 Wind Turbine Project! Create and Design Your Own

20 Sketch of Blade Construction General Shape All Dimensions Number of Blades Labeled Materials! Available Materials (ask for others) Dowel Rod(s) Manila Folder Aluminum Foil Plastic Wrap Popsicle Sticks Straws Paperclip Wire Cardboard Foam Plates Plastic Cup Index Cards Glue Hot Glue Masking Tape Number of Blades (2, 3, 4, 6, 8) Blade Materials Size & Shape of Blades (5”-15”) Twist and Taper Angle of Attack Topics to Research Keywords for Research Kidwind Project Wind Turbines Wind Mill Airfoil Design Wind Turbine Airfoils Wind Turbine Design

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