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SQA Architecture Software Quality.

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1 SQA Architecture Software Quality

2 SQA System SQA Architecture (system component classes)
Pre-project components Components of project life cycle activities assessment Reviews Expert opinions Software testing Components of infrastructure error prevention and improvement. Component of software quality management Components of standardization, certification and SQA system assessment Organizing for SQA – the human component

3 Pre-project component
The SQA components belonging here are meant to improve the preparation steps taken prior to initiating work on the project. Contract Review Development and quality plans

4 Pre-project component
Contract Review Software maybe developed within of a contract negotiation with a customer or in response to an internal order originating in another department. Give example internal order

5 Pre-project component
Contract Review It must include detailed examination of: Project proposal draft Contract draft Activities in contract review activities are: Clarification of the customer requirements Review the project schedule Evaluation staff capacity to carry out the project Evaluation the customer capacity to fulfill his obligation Evaluation of development risks.

6 Pre-project component
Development and quality plans The main issues treated in the project development plan are: Schedules Required manpower and hw resources Risk evaluation Organizational issues: Project methodology, development tools Software reuse plans

7 Software project life cycle components
Composed of 2 stages: Development life cycle stage Operation maintenance stage The main components are: Review Expert opinions Software testing Software maintenance

8 Infrastructure components for error prevention and improvement
The goal are the prevention of software fault or lowering of software fault rates. Now days there are growing use of computerized automatic tools for application of these components The class of SQA component:- Procedure and work instructions Templates and checklist Staff training, retraining and certification Preventive and corrective actions Configuration management Documentation control

9 Infrastructure components for error prevention and improvement
Procedure and work instructions Provide detailed definitions for the performance of specific type of development activities. Procedure and work instruction are planned and are based on the organization experience and knowledge.

10 Infrastructure components for error prevention and improvement
Staff training, retraining and certification Keeping organization human resource knowledge update Achieve mainly by:- Training new employees Continuously updating staff Certifying employees after their knowledge have been demonstrated.

11 Infrastructure components for error prevention and improvement
Preventive and corrective actions Implementation of change that prevent similar failures in future Correction similar fault found in other projects Implement proven successful methodologies.

12 Infrastructure components for error prevention and improvement
Configuration management Introducing procedures to control the change process. These procedure relate to:- Approval of change Recording of those change performed Issuing of new software versions and release. Recording of the version and release specification

13 Infrastructure components for error prevention and improvement
Documentation control Refer mainly to customer requirement documents, contract documents, design report, project plans, development standards. And the activities in document control are:- Definition of the type of controlled document Specification of the format, method Definition of review and approval process

14 Management SQA component
Managerial SQA components support the managerial control of software development projects. Control components are:- Project progress control Software quality metrics Software quality costs

15 Management SQA component
Project progress control Focus on :- Resources usage Schedule Risk management activities Budget

16 Management SQA component
Software quality metrics Measurement of the various aspects of software quality is considered to be effective tool for the support of control activities.

17 Management SQA component
Software quality costs Analysis of software quality costs can direct SQA efforts to improvement of activities. Quality cost analysis can help identify those teams whose ineffective

18 SQA standard Utilization of international professional knowledge
Improvement of coordination with other organization quality systems Objective professional evaluation. Will discuss later on the last chapter….plz waitttttt…

19 Organizing for SQA The main objectives of the SQA organizational:-
To develop and support implementation of SQA components To detect deviations from SQA procedure and methodology To suggest improvements to SQA components

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