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Created by: Vivian Martin EDA 624 Summer 2012.  Skype is a free, downloadable tool that allows you to make free phone calls (with or without video) from.

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1 Created by: Vivian Martin EDA 624 Summer 2012

2  Skype is a free, downloadable tool that allows you to make free phone calls (with or without video) from your computer to another Skype user.  You use your Internet connection to turn your computer into an Internet phone. Photo provided by Clip Art.

3 CallingVideoMessaging Caller ID Call forwarding Call transfer Voice mail Instant messaging Send files Text messaging Facebook Video calling Group video calls Screen sharing Skype-to-Skype Phone and mobile Conference calls CallingVideo OtherMessaging

4 Advantages  It’s free  It’s easy to use  It gives you free and easy conference and video calling  It’s safe (you set privacy levels and choose who you accept calls from)  Can call across the world  Brings societies together Disadvantages  Skype –to- Skype calls are free  Cost to call landlines and mobiles  Need internet access  Computer, quality headphones, and webcam required to use  Feedback from computers built in microphone and speakers  No language translator Skype: Advantages and Disadvantages of Skype.

5 Educators Teachers can collaborate on lessons, share information about each others cultures and school activities Share social interactions with students around the globe, create podcasts, and share projects; students are engaged in learning process Use for Professional Development and meetings. Save school funding-less travel Have professionals give presentations to 3 different HS buildings at once. Families Bring families closer together - weddings, special holidays or events Communicate with family members – military, live abroad Businesses Save money Hold calls from wherever you are Reliable-calls will not get dropped Call quality is clear Top 5 Benefits of Skype for Small Businesses.

6  Download and install Skype from the Skype website  Once installed open Skype and you’ll see a start-up screen  Click on Don’t have a Skype Name?  Follow the directions to create a new Skype account and user name then click Sign In. ◦ Choose a username that makes it easier for others to find you and conveys the right impression of who you are

7  Before adding contacts to your Skype account it is important to set up your Profile. ◦ The more relevant the information included in your profile, the easier it will be for others to know that they are connecting with the right person. To change your profile you need to click on the Profile tab or select Skype>Profile>Edit your Profile from the menu bar.

8  Change your picture by clicking on Choose Your Picture ◦ Or select Skype>Profile>Change Your Picture ◦ Note: It’s harder to locate the correct contact without a profile picture and you are less likely to be added as contact if you’re using default avatar.

9  Add your Country/Region, State/Province, City, Time, website, gender and language by clicking on each field or using the drop down menu.

10  Complete your About Me information.  You can check how others will see your profile information by clicking on the Public profile and Contacts only buttons at the top of your Profile page.

11  Public Profile is what people see when they search for Skype contact details.  Contacts only are what people who have been added to your Skype account can see.

12  Privacy setting control who can contact you via Skype, how long your IM history is kept and is used to manage blocked users.  It is advisable to adjust the settings before using Skype.  Default setting allows your Contact list to see: ◦ Your Profile picture ◦ Application share their screen ◦ Video talk with you ◦ Send IM’s To change your privacy settings select Skype>Privacy in the menu bar.

13  To minimize unwanted calls from anyone you might want to change it to “Allow calls from….people in my Contact list only.”

14  Personal Skype Calls ◦ Make sure Audio and Video is properly set before making calls. ◦ To make calls you need headset with microphones and microphone with speakers. ◦ If using laptop adjust sound setting to prevent feedback. ◦ Web camera (optional) dependent on whether you like video talk. Classroom Skype Calls ◦ Desktop microphones ◦ Speakers ◦ Web camera ◦ Interactive white board for display or a data projector if conferencing with another class

15  Once connected configure your Auto settings by going to Call>Audio Settings in the menu bar.  Select Microphone and Speakers from the drag down options.  Repeat process to set web cam using Video Settings options.

16  Click on Eco/Sound Test Service.  Click on call.  Follow directions to test using Skype’ automatic sound test services.

17  To contact people add username to your Skype account.  Select Contacts>Add a Contact in menu bar or click on Add Contact.  Enter their full name, email address or Skype name.

18  If Skype account of the person you wish to add is displayed, click Add below the contact ◦ Clicking on the Avatar displays all their profile ◦ If more than one account matches your search, click on view to check all matches found ◦ Before adding contact, you must send a request to that person. ◦ Enter same text to introduce yourself.

19  Once person agrees to your request, they are added to your contact list.  You can place free calls, video calls, send instant messages and files to each other.

20 How to Use Skype: A Video Tutorial –You Tube (to get to above link right click link> open hyperlink and it will open) Photo provided by Clip Art

21  Educators guide to using Skype.  Top 5 Benefits of Skype for Small Businesses.  A closer look at Skype, the advantages and disadvantages. ◦ skype-the skype-the  Schrum, Lynne and Solomon, Gwen. Web 2.0 how-to for educators. P.248. 

22 Skype will open doors to many opportunities for communication all over the world, allow our students to speak to other children first-hand about their homes, schools, culture, and challenge us to grow as educators by sharing best-practices and experiences with others in others in field of education. I hope this presentation will challenge you to incorporate Skype as a part of classroom instruction and as a part of your personal development in the world of technology. Motivational

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