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Programme Lead: Rob Jarram. Task Who has inspired you to be involved in sport and physical activity?

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1 Programme Lead: Rob Jarram

2 Task Who has inspired you to be involved in sport and physical activity?

3 What qualities do/did these people have in order to inspire you? Task

4 Aims 1.Understand what a sports apprentice is 2.Understand the role of the sports apprentice 3.Understand what is expected of a sports apprentice 4.Understand what’s involved!

5 School Sports Partnerships Partnership Development Managers School Sports Coordinators Primary Link Teachers

6 Cuts to the education system Youth Sport Trust SSP’s Primary schools

7 PE in school – your experiences

8 Primary school experiences What is your lasting memory of primary school PE and sport? Good/bad/fun? Competitive? Many opportunities? TASK

9 Sports Apprentice Full time job Full time member of staff Not a student! Same responsibilities as a full time sports coach

10 Role of the apprentice Improve attitudes to PE, sport and physical activity Assist and deliver PE and school sport Set up and deliver new initiatives Link to the community and local networks Promote inclusive sport Assist the school in the delivery of daily duties

11 Expectations Appropriate professionalism in the work place (Self responsibility, use of own initiative…) Attend support days Follow all procedures (work place and employment) Meet deadlines The mentor booklet will guide you through the expectations of the NVQ

12 What’s in it for you? Work Experience – ‘real world’ Qualification Networking and building relationships Building your CV

13 Exit routes Employment in the education industry Employment in community coaching Employment in sports development Higher education Teaching assistant course – routes into teaching

14 Case studies

15 2013/14 Progression Jobs offered at school = 9 Higher Education = 7 Jobs with external companies = 3 1 = apprenticeship in another sector

16 Level 3 NVQ Diploma in Sports Development

17 Level 3 NVQ – compulsory units Unit 1: Manage own resources and professional development Unit 2: Contribute to strategic development in sport and active leisure Unit 3: Provide leadership in sport and active leisure Unit 4: Promote equality and diversity in sport and physical activity Unit 5: Ensure the health, safety, welfare and security of customers and staff

18 Level 3 NVQ – optional units Unit 7 – Support the development of sport and physical activity in education Unit 14 – Contribute to the prevention and management of abusive and aggressive behaviour Unit 20 – Plan and organise services Unit 22 – Work with others to improve customer service

19 Level 3 NVQ – Employment Awareness in Active Leisure and Learning Unit 1: Understanding Employment Rights and Responsibilities Unit 4: Understanding the Active Leisure and Learning Sector Unit 5: Understanding the Employing Organisation

20 Level 3 NVQ – HSLA APL for those already achieved Mandatory units 1 – 5 Unit 6 – Working with children Unit 8 – Working with disabilities

21 Training Scheme Prepare for working life within a primary school Development of coaching skills, knowledge and understanding Foundation knowledge for NVQ

22 Training Scheme Practical and theory every day Tuesday and Thursday afternoons = coaching!

23 Training Scheme Punctuality Professionalism Determination Personal responsibility

24 Training Scheme First aid course Safeguarding course Basketball level 1 Active Club training (BHF) Energy Club training (Sports Leaders UK)

25 Top tip! Build your coaching bible! Write down the key information for the day – especially practical coaching ideas

26 Dragon’s Apprenticeship Den Concept Investment into PE and school sport ONE SCHOOL ONLY!

27 Pitch Pitch to us your vision of your school’s provision of Sport and PE Can be based at a primary or secondary school Increase participation Increase children’s enjoyment of sport and physical activity Fun, imaginative and innovative ideas - realistic

28 Pitch Weekly timetable? Competitive, recreational, inclusive sport Year plan/objectives Staffing Special events? Intra / inter school sport

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