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The Five Themes of Geography

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1 The Five Themes of Geography

2 Theme 1: Location Location answers the question, “Where are we?” Location can be Absolute or it may be Relative.

3 Absolute Location An Absolute location is an exact location (latitude and longitude point or a street address). Paris, France is 48°51’ North latitude and 2.20’ East longitude 6150 Old Jenks Rd. Apex, NC 27523

4 Relative Location Relative locations are in comparison with other locations. They might be described by landmarks, time, direction or distance from one place to another. The Galapagos Islands are … Norway is ...

5 Theme 2: Place The characteristics that describe a place. Places have both cultural and physical characteristics. What do you imagine when you think of Russia? Or Brazil?

6 Cultural Characteristics
Cultural characteristics describe people. They include languages, buildings, roads, religions, sports, _______, and _______.

7 Physical Characteristics
Physical characteristics are the natural features of the Earth, not created by humans. They include mountains, soil, wildlife, and…

8 Theme 3: Human/ Environment Interaction
People modify and depend on our environment People depend on the Atlantic Ocean for ... People modify the beach by… How do humans and the environment affect each other?

9 Theme 4: Movement People interact with each other through movement. People, animals, goods, and _______ all move.

10 Theme 5: Region A region is the basic unit of study in Geography. A region is a group of places bound together by one or more characteristics.

11 5 Themes of Geography summary paragraph
Compose a paragraph that summarizes the 5 Themes of Geography. Your paragraph should include the following sentences: Topic Sentence (Introduce what you will be talking about in your paragraph). Explain absolute and relative LOCATION. Explain cultural and physical PLACE. Explain HUMAN/ENVIRONMENT INTERACTION. Explain MOVEMENT. Explain REGION. Closing Sentence (Summarize what you have said in your paragraph). When you are finished, your paragraph will be 8-10 sentences long, and should demonstrate what you know about the 5 Themes of Geography based on your notes.

12 Geography v. History What is history?
How is studying geography different than studying history? Which do we study in 6th grade social studies?

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